Chris Hemsworth teases an all-out brawl in Extraction 2 update

Series lead Chris Hemsworth shares a video from the set of the Netflix action-thriller sequel Extraction 2 which shows an ongoing riot.

Netflix's Extraction, which starred Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, should have been a one-and-done film. The ending all but confirmed that Rake was near death when he fell and his demise was a matter of when and not if. But, largely due to the film's success - it's bested only by Red Notice and Don't Look Up - Netflix brought Rake back for another go and it appears that the sequel will be just as chaotic as ever.

Similar to Red Notice, Netflix wants to expand on the Extraction universe.

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As per Hemsworth, filming on Extraction 2 is currently ongoing and there appears to be an ongoing riot happening in the background with some pyrotechnics involved. Hemsworth jokingly describes the scene as "just another day on Extraction 2," adding that it is "peaceful, serene, relaxing."

For what it's worth, the original comic books show that Rake survived the events of the first film, showing the former SASR soldier walking up inside a hospital despite falling from a great height with grave wounds.

In an ideal world without the COVID-19 pandemic, filming on the Extraction sequel would have already wrapped up with a premiere date released.

Instead, Hemsworth had to try and keep himself in shape at home while waiting for production to begin on what he describes as a "bigger and badder" follow-up. The film's director, Sam Hargrave, celebrated the first day of filming in November and it appears that everything is going smoothly.

All fans can do right now is wait for updates from Hemsworth or Hargrave as to when production will end. By then, Netflix will probably drop a teaser trailer for Extraction 2 while confirming the movie's release date. According to most estimates, Extraction 2 should be available on the streaming platform in late 2022 if not early 2023.

Judging by the fiery fight scene, Extraction 2 is going to up the ante.

Interestingly, Hemsworth's recent video proves that he's not part of the Thor 4 reshoots. This suggests that Taika Waititi is adding some scenes that don't involve the threequel's lead character, hinting that these could be last-minute additions and cameos.

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