Check out this awesome God of War display in Australia

The land from down under delivers what's easily the most amazing themed setup for a local store based on God of War: Ragnarok.

Digital stores made physical retail shops all but obsolete, but some are still holding on. You could argue that they're making a bit of a comeback. As Randal Park's character in Netflix's Blockbuster puts it, we need human interaction. Also, it helps if your store is as decked out as this particular shop that's located somewhere in the land down under.

Check Out God Of War Display Australia
We're hoping God of War: Ragnarok doesn't take too long to make its way to the PC.

u/ups1de shared a photo of a "local store" in Australia that's decorated according to God of War: Ragnarok, lightning, and clouds and all.

Of course, with this being the internet, other users couldn't help but point out things wrong in the picture. Although the set-up is awesome, something that ruins it is FIFA 23 playing on the TV screen. Also, the clouds are apparently considered as a fire hazard since they block the sprinklers and can quickly catch fire.

As one user puts it, the image looks like "as if a million fire marshals cried out at once."

This gow display at my local store from gaming

God of War: Ragnarok is currently on track to become the best-selling PlayStation game of all time. The record is currently held by its predecessor, 2018's God of War reboot, which it had already eclipsed in terms of unit sales during its launch week by a significant margin.

It's also one of the frontrunners to win GOTY this year, contending mainly with Elden Ring. Unfortunately, Santa Monica Studio has made it clear before it doesn't have any plans of supporting God of War: Ragnarok past its launch outside of bug fixes and updates.

Check Out God Of War Display Australia
It's crazy to think that God of War: Ragnarok could've sold even more if there were more PS5 units available for sale.

For what it's worth, Santa Monica Studio openly lobbied to have a shot at a new Castlevania game, so fans might be able to look forward to it if Konami gives the first-party Sony studio the keys to the franchise.

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