Cheatmaker quits Battlefield 2042 due to performance issues

Battlefield 2042's declining player base just wasn't worth the effort for the cheat maker anymore.

Battlefield 2042 is not in a good state. Despite positive initial reviews of DICE's latest AAA shooter, the post-launch support (or, lack thereof) forced many fans to go to greener pastures. Outside of the lack of content, DICE and Electronic Arts don't seem too concerned about fixing Battlefield 2042 and making sure that it's running well. Things have gotten so bad for Battlefield 2042 that even a popular cheat-maker has decided to drop support for the game.

The idea behind Battlefield 2042 is great. It's just that the execution is bad.

According to Tom Henderson, the cheating group, AIMEXCHEATS, will now stop supporting Battlefield 2042 because of the game's "ongoing performance issues". The prominent cheating group explains that the dwindling amount of players asking for Battlefield 2042 cheats suggests that "the game is dying."

TLDR; making cheats for Battlefield 2042 just isn't worth the hassle anymore.

If you're one of the few who subscribed to AIMEXCHEATS' cheats for Battlefield 2042, you don't have to worry until your subscription runs out. Until then, the cheats should still work for Battlefield 2042. Afterward, you're going to have to look for another cheat maker. Of course, if DICE updates Battlefield 2042 before your subscription ends, then that will spell the end for the cheats as well. Then again, given the abysmal state of Battlefield 2042, there's little chance of that happening anytime soon.

It's great that a cheat maker wants to stay away from a game, except that AIMEXCHEATS' reason highlights a serious problem with DICE's poor handling of Battlefield 2042. What the cheat makers are effectively saying is that the Battlefield 2042 community is not big enough to support cheating. We doubt that this is a statement that returning and new players will want to hear about Battlefield 2042.

Of course, AIMEXCHEATS could very well be bluffing. DICE's anti-cheat measures might have proven too much for the group to handle. If this is the case, then kudos to DICE.

The cheat makers are saying that Battlefield 2042's performance issues are too much trouble for what it's worth.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what AIMEXCHEATS' reason is. Battlefield 2042 is not in a good place. Fans waited for years to get their hands on Battlefield 2042 only to find out that it's not even half the game that Battlefield V was. The only silver lining here is that DICE has a track history of slow starts. The studio can still retain what little player base Battlefield 2042 has, continue to work on the game, and add more updates that will eventually bring more back into the fold. Unfortunately, we also know from 2017's Star Wars Battlefront II that this isn't sustainable.

DICE needs a healthy and large community for Battlefield 2042 to stay profitable enough to warrant long-term support.

If things continue going the way they are for Battlefield 2042, we wouldn't be surprised if DICE and EA end up dropping the game prematurely. Then again, who knows? Maybe a trip to the Game Pass is enough to reinvigorate the franchise?

Aron Gerencser
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