Cheating Continues To Compromise Call Of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone has been struggling with a serious hacking problem for months now.

The cheaters have become much more prevalent as the playerbase balloons over time, and attempts to mitigate the issue using mandatory phone verification and other anti-cheat measures haven't been effective.

What's more, Activision and Infinity Ward aren't doing much to publicly address this situation, which is leading to dissatisfaction among players. The effect is amplified when some of the most popular streamers show cheaters ruining their matches in front of huge audiences.

Though this phenomenon is problematically common, two recent high-profile cases have the community even more riled up. Popular Call of Duty: Warzone content creators - one of whom had the chance to debut the Season 5 teaser trailer - experienced game-ruining encounters with hackers using aimbots and other cheats to gain an unfair and overwhelming advantage over honest players who actually want to enjoy the game.

Streamer TimTheTatman got repeatedly sniped in impossible circumstances by the same opponent, a player in the global top 100 for kill count. When this happened with suspicious frequency, he decided to check the kill-cam.

The cheater was warping between seats in vehicles and clearly using an aimbot, auto-targeting opponents and firing through objects for perfect headshots. This evidence was seen by the large audience watching the stream at the time. It is unknown whether the cheater has since been banned.

Another Warzone content creator, Nickmercs, also posted about their unfortunate encounters with cheaters on social media - a mere day after the teaser trailer for Season 5, hinting at the addition of a loot train and a release date of August 5, debuted during their stream.

With so many eyes in the fandom undoubtedly directed at them, seeing cheaters ruin a game during their stream is definitely not a good look.

It is clear that the anti-cheat measures currently in place aren't up to snuff and hopefully the developers will make strides to address this problem troubling Warzone.

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