Kevin Feige just confirmed that Charlie Cox is returning as the Daredevil in the MCU

Fan-favorite Charlie Cox is going to be the MCU's Daredevil going forward.

Before there was the Marvel Extended Universe, which kicked off earlier this year following the success of WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, and more, there was Netflix and its interconnected TV series. In total, Netflix's time with Marvel's properties spawned six solo TV shows that frequently saw characters from each series crossing over with the other. Unfortunately, in 2019, Netflix decided to drop all future seasons as Marvel and Disney were already preparing to launch their TV shows on Disney+.

Netflix cancelled Daredevil after three successful seasons back in 2018.

While Netflix's time making Marvel TV shows have since ended, it wasn't without its merits. Case in point, Charlie Cox, the actor who played Matt Murdock, the blinder lawyer who became the masked vigilante known as Daredevil, was a fan favorite.

Several years after Cox's time as Daredevil ended following a three-season run, Marvel head Kevin Feige just confirmed that the English actor is coming back to reprise his role in the MCU.

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Cox becomes the first of Netflix's Marvel show actors to join the MCU

Now that Cox is effectively part of the MCU, who knows which other actors from Netflix's Marvel shows are reprising their roles in future MCU shows and films?

Even though Netflix and Marvel Studios marketed their shows as part of the MCU, especially at the start, they were never able to fully connect. Because of this, fans were disappointed when it was confirmed that Netflix was not going to continue Daredevil beyond Season 3, especially after the last season set up Daredevil's famous arch-nemesis, Bullseye, as the main villain in Season 4. Fans even went as far as to petition Marvel to bring in Cox as Daredevil in future MCU movies.

Now that Feige has confirmed Cox's arrival in the MCU in an interview with Cinemablend, fans can't help but feel ecstatic about the possibility of seeing Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Cox's Daredevil meeting up seeing that they are both stationed in New York.

Just keep in mind that Feige isn't confirming Cox's involvement in the MCU as Daredevil just yet. Rather, all that the Marvel Studios President has said is that MCU is not going to recast Cox's character.

Only Marvel Studios knows when it's going to officially bring Charlie Cox's Daredevil into the MCU.

With that said, it's still interesting to hear about Cox's arrival in the MCU. Many believed that Cox was part of Spider-Man: No Way Home, as Peter Parker's lawyer, in the upcoming MCU film's first trailer. This has since been debunked, but it might not take long for Marvel Studios to find a place for Cox in the MCU.

There are more than a dozen of MCU films and TV shows in the works between now and next year, with more coming in 2023. Cox could even appear in the currently ongoing Disney+ show, Hawkeye, where he could fit right in with Jeremy Renner especially after rumors that Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin is joining the MCU as well.

Speaking of D'Onofrio, fans also gravitated towards his portrayal of Kingpin in Netflix's Marvel TV series. Since Daredevil was arguably Netflix's biggest Marvel TV series, it makes sense that Marvel Studios bring back the actors as their characters in the MCU. Not only was the show perfectly cast in several aspects, but Daredevil's huge following means that any recasting would see massive fan backlash.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios doesn't sit on Cox's Daredevil for too long. Fans have been hoping for years that Daredevil will get a chance for a proper live-action adaptation. Cox's "arrival" in the MCU represents the best chance of this happening for the Man Without Fear.

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