343 is already making changes to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression

343 Industries is taking things a step further by not just listening to community feedback, but also acting on it.

Halo Infinite is already taking the world by storm. However, what is the most interesting part about 343 Industries' latest Halo installment is how proactive the developers are. Even though technically the game still hasn't fully launched, 343 has proven that it's willing to listen and act on player feedback, confirming that it's going to make changes to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass just a week into the game's early release.

It didn't take long for 343 to address fan concerns about Halo Infinite.

343 is doing Halo fans right with the latest announcement

343's approach to Halo Infinite is good news for the future of the series.

In 2020, 343 made the difficult decision to delay Halo Infinite for over a year. Instead of releasing alongside the Xbox Series S/X, the first new Halo sequel in years was ultimately pushed back to December 8, 2021. Throughout the year, 343 proved that the decision to hold off on the game's release was correct. The studio took most of 2021 to refine and polish the game, giving audiences updates before eventually providing a chance to play through Halo Infinite via various beta tests and previews.

Fast forward to November 15 and nearly everyone was all praises for Halo Infinite's free-to-player multiplayer component. We only say nearly because most players had one gripe - the slow Battle Pass progression.

According to 343 Industries Community Manager John "Unyshek" Junyszek, the studio is already implementing changes to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass after players raised their concerns about how slow the progression is. Junyszek confirmed that the changes are going to come later this week.

Junyszek explained that part of the changes will include adding "Play 1 Game" daily challenges for all players. In addition to this, 343 is going to constantly adjust, fix, and remove challenges depending on player feedback. This is good news for Halo fans as this means that 343 is going to devote significant resources towards monitoring community feedback for Halo Infinite. Apart from the constant tweaks, 343 is also doubling the XP Boost length.

Unfortunately, all these changes come at a slight cost - 343 will need to reset the challenges and challenge progress for all the players. If its' any consolation, 343 is rewarding every player that logs in from November 23 until November 30 with a Sigil Mark VII Visor Ultimate Reward.

Only time will tell if 343's efforts are going to work. However, we can already tell that the studio is dedicated to doing Halo's dedicated fanbase right. 343 just earned a lot of fans with their latest move and it's probably the reason why Halo Infinite is beating out Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 right now.

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