CD Projekt RED has officially started working on a new multi-game Witcher saga

It appears that the fourth mainline Witcher game, which uses Unreal Engine 5, will be the first of many.

A couple of months ago, CD Projekt RED announced the next The Witcher game as the start of a "new saga". Fast forward to today and it appears that the Polish studio will plan the future of the award-winning franchise much more deliberately.

Cd Projekt Red Working New Witcher Saga
One thing that's for certain about the next Witcher game is that it will likely feature a mostly different set of faces and probably a new protagonist.

The company's CEO, Adam Kiciński, spoke about the next Witcher saga on a recent financial earnings call. In it, Kiciński confirmed that CDPR has "more than one" planned.

Unfortunately, while this is welcome news, fans shouldn't get their hopes up. The next Witcher game is still in pre-production as Kiciński reiterated that it will use a new in-game engine, Unreal Engine 5, instead of an in-house engine. Hopefully, this lets CDPR fast-track the game's development since it can focus on using available resources as opposed to having to devote a separate team to work on the gaming engine. But, we wouldn't mind if CDPR took its time either.

The Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco is still fresh on everyone's minds. Even if the game is now worth playing in 2022, we'll forever wonder if Cyberpunk 2077 would've lived up to expectations had CDPR just released it in 2021, or made it exclusive to next-gen consoles.

Cd Projekt Red Working New Witcher Saga
The earliest we're expecting to hear more about The Witcher 4 is late 2023 if not early 2024.

Going back to the topic of Witcher, a saga built purposefully as a trilogy could pattern itself from the original Mass Effect games. Although Witcher 2 flirted with the idea of connecting to its sequel by letting players carry over their relationships with several characters (and their status), a full-on trilogy where your choices have long-term benefits and consequences sounds like the only way that a new trilogy will surpass the old one.

But, of course, this is all hypothetical. Despite all the controversies, CDPR still more than deserves the benefit of the doubt.

For now, fans can keep themselves busy by playing Cyberpunk 2077, which just got a new update. CDPR promises to release another substantial patch later on as players wait for the launch of the first (and only) Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Phantom Liberty, next year.

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