CD Projekt Red Scrambles To Take Down Leaked Cyberpunk 2077 Footage, Photos As Collector's Editions Ship Early

Did you pre-order your Collector's Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 from local retailers? If so, you might be getting your copy early - some people already got theirs. As the long, long awaited launch of this highly anticipated game is mere days away, trigger happy stores have sent copies out into the wild ahead of schedule and spoiler filled leaks are flooding the web.

CD Projekt Red is doing their best to purge these images and videos leading up to the 10th.

Following that particularly early PlayStation copy leak not too long ago, it was clear that the risk of bumbling into spoilers online became non-zero, and CD Projekt Red released a statement laying down the ground rules of what you can share and when.

In a Twitter post, the developers set a content embargo of December 9, 12 PM CET / 3 AM PST, before when all leaked footage and photos will be removed as the company exercises its copyright.

Several streams and videos showing off the character creation process, various menus, the opening minutes and hours of each three life paths and more have been taken down already, as well as screenshots.

Then again, this is the internet and once something is online it can never truly be deleted, as they say. Removing this content from popular platforms will help most people avoid spoilers because at that point you'll have to actively go looking for it to find it, but we encourage all fans to be careful.

On that note, some fans may be safe from spoilers, so to speak, since some copies of the game are already out. Just one example of this was documented on Twitter where someone got their Collector's Edition from Best Buy on December 2nd. All images in the thread were taken down, even though as far as we can tell from the text it only documented the contents of the box, which we already know about from the official announcement, and the installation screen.

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It seems that alongside the on-disc data, players can expect a nearly 60 GB download during installation. This isn't, as some might mistakenly think, a day-zero patch, as even after the download the game is still at version 1.0. It's likely that CD Projekt Red decided to go this route instead of stuffing a bunch of discs into the box.

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