CBS Studios denies first name reveal of Spock from new Star Trek show

The good news is that Mr. Spock does have a first name, it just hasn't been revealed yet.

Apparently, the name reveal wasn't as "official" as once thought.
Apparently, the name reveal wasn't as "official" as once thought.

After nearly 6 decades of waiting, new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds posters have ventured where no Star Trek show has ever gone before and given Spock an official name.

According to the posters revealed at this past weekend's Star Trek: Mission Chicago event (via TrekCore), Lieutenant Commander Spock's full name is S'Chn T'Gai Spock. Meanwhile, Dr. M'Benga's first name is Jabilo. However, CBS Studios later clarified their "mistakes" to various publications, stating that "while Spock and M'Benga do indeed have first names, they have yet to be revealed."

The decision to name Spock and M'Benga could have had huge implications for the Star Trek franchise going forward. Unfortunately, Trekkies will have to continue waiting to find out Spock's real name.

If it's any consolation, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is shaping up to be a continuation of the success of Star Trek: Discovery. The series, which will premiere on May 5 on Paramount Plus, picks up directly after the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, Strange New Worlds will serve as a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, which premiered in 1966. The usually picky and hard-to-please Star Trek fanbase has had nothing but love to show for Paramount+'s latest attempt at reimagining classic and fan-favorite Star Trek characters such as Spock, Captain Pick, and Number One.

Only time will tell if Strange New Worlds will reveal Spock's official name. For now, fans can look forward to the promise of a return to the series' iconic episodic roots and season-long story arcs that made it such a hit many decades ago.

Speaking of Star Trek, Trekkers can look forward to a lot in the next few years. On top of Paramount's decision to bet big on Star Trek to win the streaming wars with a second season for Strange New Worlds already confirmed, the studio also revealed last year that WandaVision's Matt Shakman will direct the next Star Trek movie. Although the said movie was officially delayed to 2023, we found out that production on Star Trek 4 will start later this year.

Hopefully, Spock's real first name isn't as much of a mouthful once it is revealed.
Hopefully, Spock's real first name isn't as much of a mouthful once it is revealed.

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