Capcom Working on Resident Evil DLC Due to "Popular Demand"

"Ask and you shall receive."

Capcom is doing fans right by working on a new Resident Evil Village DLC.

At least, that's what we thought Capcom said when it announced that an actual Resident Evil Village DLC is in the works.

Capcom confirmed that it was working on additional DLC for the eighth mainline installment in the Resident Evil Village at E3 2021. However, Capcom didn't provide any additional details. The only thing confirmed is that the Resident Evil Village DLC is being developed due to "popular demand".

When Is the Resident Evil Village DLC Coming?

Technically, there is a Resident Evil Village DLC out already. The Trauma Pack DLC for Resident Evil Village is available right now. It's full of cosmetic upgrades, including a new weapon. It also gives players access to the Village of Shadows difficultly right out of the gates instead of having to beat the game first.

In addition to the Resident Evil Village DLC, Capcom also confirmed that Resident Evil Re: Verse will be coming out in July.

The Resident Evil Village DLC could explore what Chris does following the events of the base game.

The third-person multiplayer deathmatch mode was initially scheduled to launch with Resident Evil Village. However, technical issues forced Capcom to press pause on its original places and delay it to a later date.

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With that said, it'll be interesting to see what Capcom is working on for the Resident Evil Village DLC. In an earlier article, we talked about where Resident Evil Village could head next in a potential expansion. The ending of Resident Evil Village paves the way to multiple plot threads that the DLC could explore.

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Not to mention, there's the concept art of Ada Wong that Capcom could expand on. Although instead of making her appear in the base game, the mysterious spy could star or make an appearance in the upcoming DLC.

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