Capcom to hold Resident Evil April Showcase for 25th Anniversary

The world got its first taste of the now-iconic survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, on March 22, 1996, when the first game was released in Japan. This means that it's been 25 years since the world became warier of zombified dogs jumping through windows.

It seems like Capcom intends to celebrate 25 years of rocket-wielding zombified monstrosities in style.

With the franchise still very much alive and expected to see its eighth mainline installment, Capcom has announced its plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

What To Expect from the Resident Evil April Showcase

In an official announcement, Capcom revealed that they'll be dropping a new Resident Evil Showcase sometime in April. However, they decided to get cheeky and not reveal anything. Instead, they're leaving players to "speculate on what this upcoming presentation might contain."

With that said, it doesn't take much digging to know that Resident Evil Village will highlight the upcoming April showcase.

Resident Evil Village is already set to release in May and we already know a lot about the game. This includes the PC requirements and the first thirty minutes of gameplay, thanks to leakers. But, of course, more Resident Evil Village is always welcome. This is especially if it comes in the form of the second demo that they promised earlier.

Outside of Resident Evil Village, Capcom also promised to talk more about the upcoming Resident Evil Re: Verse Open Beta. They also revealed that both Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition and Resident Evil Village are headed to Stadia. The former will be available starting on April 1 as a standalone purchase and will come free with Stadia Pro.

In their previous Resident Evil Showcase in January, Capcom gave fans their first glimpse at Resident Evil Village gameplay and revealed Resident Evil Re: Verse. It also came limited footage from the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness animated film that's set to air on Netflix soon.

More Resident Evil News Incoming

Capcom plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise with a big showcase planned for April.

Ever their cheeky selves, Capcom also alluded to even more content coming in the April showcase apart from what they already promised.

In the same announcement, Capcom said that they have "a whole lot more planned on top of all the activities above."

Hopefully, this means that we'll finally get to know more about the other Resident Evil projects that are currently in the works. In addition to Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Re: Verse, there is a confirmed cinematic reboot of the Resident Evil film series. Outside of it being directed by Johannes Roberts and some casting information, we know very little of the film as of the moment.

With all eyes on Resident Evil, the April showcase could be the perfect time to generate hype for the upcoming Resident Evil film ahead of its expected September 21 premiere.

Lastly, there are also talks going on about a Resident Evil 4 Remake. Confirming its existence ahead of the release of Resident Evil Village could make sure that there's enough Resident Evil hype to go all-year-round.

Whatever the case is, we're hoping that Capcom doesn't disappoint.

Hopefully, Sony decides to join in on the celebration and makes at least one modern Resident Evil game free as part of April's PlayStation Plus lineup.

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