Capcom is reminding people to watch The Game Awards

Mega Man fans, in particular, are hoping that this is a sign that Capcom will be revisiting the Blue Bomber over the next few years.

With the first quarter of the year (and the last of the fiscal year) usually considered one of the biggest periods for gaming in recent years, more and more companies are using the year-ending event, The Game Awards, to confirm their upcoming games.

Capcom Reminding People Watch The Game Awards
We're pretty sure we'll only get more footage of Resident Evil 4 at The Game Awards but it wouldn't hurt to expect a bit.

Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Blizzard Entertainment are all confirmed to be at this year's The Game Awards. Most likely, companies like Sony and FromSoftware, among others, will be present as well as their games have been nominated for Game of the Year. It appears that Capcom is going to be there, and if we believe what it's trying to imply, the reason is more than just because Resident Evil 4 is nominated for the "Most Anticipated" award.

The Japanese video game company's latest tweet reminds everyone to tune into The Game Awards, which will take place on Thursday, December 8.

On one hand, this could be Capcom hyping up the last video game event of the year. But, if you believe the fans, it's Capcom's way of teasing that it'll be announcing something tomorrow (or later today, depending on where you live).

One of the biggest possibilities is for Capcom to confirm it's working on several new Mega Man games. Eagle-eyed observers recently spotted Capcom renewing the domains for still-unreleased Mega Man games, which could hint at the company's renewed interest in one of its most iconic franchises. It's also in line with the 35th anniversary of Mega Man (who is also known as Rockman, in Japan). It's also possible that Capcom will announce something different, like the release dates for Pragmata, Exoprimal, and Street Fighter 6.

Ultimately, fans shouldn't get their hopes too high. Geoff Keighley confirmed that this year's The Game Awards won't be as long as its predecessors. It might not contain as many video game announcements as in the past.

Capcom Reminding People Watch The Game Awards
Mega Man 11 was Capcom's first game without Keiji Inafune's involvement.

Regardless, as long as Capcom doesn't just announce a Resident Evil update, fans will likely be happy.

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