Capcom pulls the plug on Resident Evil Code: Veronica fan remake

Capcom has threatened to sue the team that spent more than 2 years working on an unofficial remake of the game.

Resident Evil fans will feel sad to hear Capcom has ordered the developers of the Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake project to cease its operations.

resident evil code veronica
A snapshot from the Code: Veronica remake fans were expecting

According to the latest update on Twitter by the fan-sourced development team, Capcom has reportedly threatened to take legal action against them for using copyrighted material that the company owns. This comes as a major slap in the face to the community that has been yearning for a remake of one of their most-beloved installments of the franchise. It's especially heartbreaking for the development team composed of passionate fans of the game who joined forces in 2019 after the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake.

The game and the project have always been in murky waters when it comes to the history of the franchise. What was originally planned to come out as Resident Evil 3 and pick up the story where Resident Evil 2 left off, was eventually stripped of its title because of contractual obligations.

The ”3” enumeration was given to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, with Code: Veronica ending up being released as an unnumbered entry in the long-running horror-game franchise. And all of this occurred despite the game being instrumental to the series' story. Code Veronica has important revelations about the Umbrella Corporation and re-introduces Albert Wesker, the antagonist from the original Resident Evil game. These events paved the way for the future of the franchise, with the story that started in Code: Veronica concluding in Resident Evil 5, despite the detour that occurred in Resident Evil 4.

One way or another, Resident Evil Code: Veronica has always been cast aside by Capcom. While Code Veronica received an HD remaster, the game was natively available for a new-ish console in 2011 when Capcom re-released it for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

While other games in the franchise like Resident Evil 1 and 2 have received more attention in the form of full remakes and the one for Resident Evil 4 is on the way, fans and rumors were the only hope for Code: Veronica. And these remakes weren't just retextured versions of the originals either. Going from a fixed-camera angle to a third-person shooter with an over-the-shoulder view in a completely new environment and re-introducing fan-favorite weapons, enemies, and encounters. For years fans have been clamoring that Code: Veronica deserves the same treatment, so a small development team composed of loyal fans took it upon themselves. But after the latest interference from Capcom, it seems that their passion project has been destined to fail.

The Twitter account that became associated with the development team for Code: Veronica dates back to 2019, originating as a fan account with the purpose of cherishing the game. With the commercial and critically acclaimed success that was the remake of Resident Evil 2, fans started pressuring Capcom into reinstating another series classic into the modern era. The small yet passionate development team began work on remaking both Resident Evil 1 and Code: Veronica while making it clear from the start that their product was not meant for sale to generate profit but to be left as a free-to-download game for the rest of the community. In May of 2021, they shared some screenshots of early gameplay testing with a huge statement overshadowing the whole project, saying that if Capcom would try to discontinue development they would have to oblige.

And a year and a half later, after constant updates and inching closer to the final version of the developer’s vision, Capcom decided to pull the plug on the operation.

This is a heartbreaking situation for the development team and the diehard fans who were beyond excited to play a modern-day version of their 20-year-old game. Companies taking down projects like this one isn't rare as it's their right to protect their intellectual property rights. Maybe a Code: Veronica remake is in the plans, after the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake and the rumored Resident Evil 9, but fans shouldn't hold their breath and keep their hopes in check. As of right now, Capcom has no intentions of doing that, and every playable version of the Code: Veronica remake is removed from the internet, as Capcom demanded.

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