Capcom Pro Tour 2023 to put up more than $2 million in prize money

Capcom is bringing back the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 big with a $1 million prize awaiting the winner of the Street Fighter 6 champion.

Capcom is kickstarting a new era in fighting game competition this year with the most prestigious iteration of the Capcom Pro Tour series.

Street Fighter is one of the best-selling video game franchises by Capcom.

Capcom Pro Tour 2023 will up the stakes by putting up $2 million in prize money, with $1 million going to the winner of the next Capcom Cup - the final event of the said tournament. The best part is that the Capcom Pro Tour series will make Street Fighter 6 as its exclusive game and, as per Event Hubs, this year's tournament will integrate online events - the first in the series.

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When you consider that the prize pool of the 2022 Pro Tour and Capcom Cup IX was $300,000, $2 million is a huge jump. It's also telling that Capcom is adding online events to the mix, which is a sign that Capcom is confident in the netcode of Street Fighter 6. It's worth noting that this was one of the biggest issues that plagued Street Fighter V for years, bringing it down a notch in our round-up of fighting games.

Going back to the topic of the prize pool, by infusing the fighting scene with this much money, Capcom is upping the ante and effectively forcing other publishers to keep up.

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo and Sony, the latter of which owns EVO Japan, will also try and raise their prize pools as well.

Don't be surprised if Street Fighter 6 ends up topping sales charts when it comes out because of Capcom's recent announcement.

Finally, with the announcement, we're expecting Street Fighter 6 to sell well as audiences flock to it in droves when it's out on June 2. Don't be surprised if several aspiring pros, established names, and even streamers, jump on the bandwagon later this year.

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