Capcom has no "concrete plans" to work on a Code Veronica Remake

Resident Evil Code Veronica is widely considered one of the best Resident Evil games of all time.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica is the forgotten middle child of the over-achieving Resident Evil family. Unlike Resident Evil 5, which had its infamous boulder moment, or Resident Evil 6, a game that many consider as the one that forced Capcom to pause the trajectory of the series, Code Veronica isn't remembered, at all.

Capcom No Concrete Plans Work Code Veronica Remake
Code Veronica was quite the controversial game back in the day due to a dispute between Capcom and Sony.

Unless you're a hardcore fan of the survival horror franchise, the only reason anyone would remember Code Veronica is as the game that launched on the Sega Dreamcast, and that's a big IF.

Having said that, the critically-acclaimed game ranks high on top of our best Resident Evil game rankings despite its relative obscurity. So, it's only fair to wonder if Capcom will remedy this by bringing it to modern platforms. But, despite already making remakes of the first three original games and one for the fourth coming soon, Capcom has no plans for a Code Veronica remake.

According to Resident Evil 4 producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi (via Noisy Pixel), a remake of Code Veronica is not in the cards at the moment. However, he didn't close the doors on a refreshed take on the underrated game, saying that "maybe" Capcom will work on it if the opportunity presents itself.

Capcom No Concrete Plans Work Code Veronica Remake
A remake of Code Veronica could help bring Claire Redfield back into the spotlight for a potential sequel.

The past two years have been kind to survival horror fans. Alan Wake got remastered and Konami is working on a slew of Silent Hill projects, including a Silent Hill 2 remake. With a new Dead Space also coming out next year followed by a Resident Evil 4 remake, it's the perfect time for a return trip to Paris. But, hey, no one expected all these remakes and new installments to be in the pipeline.

Who knows? Give or take two years from now, Capcom might see that Claire Redfield's last time in the spotlight is in dire need of a makeover.

In other news, Netflix has canceled its live-action Resident Evil series after just one season. Also, it doesn't look like Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is getting a sequel. Finally, if you insist, you can play the demo of a fan-made remake of Code Veronica.

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