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Capcom drops launch trailer for Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

The Separate Ways DLC was sorely missed from the critically lauded Resident Evil 4 when it finally came out earlier this year.

Ada Wong's presence in the Resident Evil franchise has been sorely missed.

While the original Resident Evil 4 is frequently touted as one of the best games of in history, the recent remake brought to light a glaring omission: Ada Wong's storyline, Separate Ways. Or, at least, that's what appeared to be the case at first glance.

Now, several months and a datamining leak later, Separate Ways is finally coming to Resident Evil 4 as DLC to fill a gap in the game's sotory.

The upcoming release of the Separate Ways launch trailer showcased Ada Wong performing feats that Leon S. Kennedy couldn't even dream of doing in his best day, including navigating a tight corridor riddled with lethal security lasers and engaging adversaries during a cable car journey. Furthermore, the trailer hints at several pivotal narrative twists such as the potential infection of Ada by the Plaga virus. In addition to this, Ada's adventure through the game also includes a face-off with Ramón Salazar's second Verdugo, hinting at its persistent pursuit of her throughout the storyline. While there is much excitement surrounding the return of familiar bosses, the appearance of a clawed hand in the trailer is fueling fan speculation. Could this indicate the reappearance of U-3, an antagonist only hinted at in the Resident Evil 4 remake?

What's more important is that Ada Wong isn't just a reskinned female version of Leon S. Kennedy. Further building on the distinction between the gameplay styles of Claire Redfield and Leon in Resident Evil 2, the best-selling entry in the franchise, Ada's gameplay mechanics are as unique as they are captivating. What's particularly of note is her Hookshot - a grappling hook gun - that promises not just navigational utility but also strategic combat advantage. The trailer also showcases Ada employing her Hookshot to disarm a cultist and, in another instance, bridge the gap with an Armadura, only to execute a dramatic roundhouse kick.

Die-hard fans of the original will recall the Separate Ways campaign, which furnished a distinct viewpoint on Resident Evil 4's events. Ada's role as the proverbial powerhouse is clear, paralleling Leon's prowess when deflecting a chainsaw with merely a knife. The DLC, while revisiting some familiar terrains, introduces new avenues and encounters, thus ensuring a fresh gaming experience even for the most seasoned players.

Narrative nuances aside, Capcom has treated Ada's storyline with the same reverence as the base game. This narrative strand's gameplay is an impeccable progression from the base game, which became evident from the recently released footage. Ada, in her quest, might align with Leon occasionally, but she is primarily on her own mission, driven by Albert Wesker. But, as true to her enigmatic nature, Ada isn't always one to play by the rules.

Don't worry, you won't have to pay anything to play as Ada Wong or Albert Wesker in the Mercenaries Mode.

The narrative intricacies that Ada's perspective will introduce will play an integral role to understanding the overarching plot fully. This post-launch expansion promises to maintain this essence while introducing new combat mechanics and environments to ensure a novel experience. The combination of familiar and innovative game mechanics ensures that even repeated scenarios feel rejuvenated.

The announcement of this DLC during Sony's latest State of Play event was met with universal enthusiasm. The remake of the oft-ported Resident Evil entry, with its myriad enhancements ranging from visuals to gameplay mechanics, was lauded. But the inclusion of Separate Ways will finally satiate the fans' yearning for a holistic narrative experience.

Separate Ways will be available on Resident Evil 4 from September 21, with the expansion priced at $9.99, and it will be available on various platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. Furthermore, the upcoming expansion will receive a complimentary update to the Mercenaries Mode that introduces Ada Wong and Albert Wesker as playable characters.

Albert Wesker, much like Ada Wong, needs to re-appear in future Resident Evil titles.

Capcom's decision to reintroduce the Separate Ways storyline is not just a nod to long-time fans but also an affirmation of their commitment to delivering a comprehensive gaming experience. As Resident Evil 4 continues to define horror gaming, this addition promises to enhance its legacy.

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