Capcom joins forces with Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group for Monster Hunter mobile game

Video game development company Capcom has revealed it is developing a mobile spin-off of the popular Monster Hunter franchise in collaboration with TiMi Studio Group.

Capcom has announced it is partnering with fellow video game development company TiMi Studio Group to create a new Monster Hunter game for smartphones.

Capcom will be working with Tencent's TiMi Studio to develop a mobile version of the game.

According to Capcom, "[It] aims to provide a Monster Hunter smartphone experience like none before through leveraging its popular IP with TiMi Studio Group’s production knowhow. The TiMi Studio Group is a subsidiary of Tencent Games and has a track record of co-developing titles with game makers throughout the world. The game is currently in development and will appeal to not only fans of the series but to newcomers as well."

TiMi Studio Group also provided a press release for the announcement on its website. Per the release, the team announced their plans for the game stating, "The in-development game will reproduce the hunting actions that define the Monster Hunter series, and offers players a new game experience unique for mobile devices and phones." TiMi Studio Group also stated that their first-time partnership with Capcom and the opportunity to combine experiences and strengths will lead to a Monster Hunter that can scale to more platforms, thus benefiting gamers.

Capcom is a Japanese video game developer and publisher with several game franchises under its belt. It released its first title Resident Evil in 1996 to massive critical acclaim and commercial success. As a result, the company developed two initial sequels to the game titled Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1998 and 1999 respectively. Since then, Capcom has launched numerous titles in the series with combined sales of more than 110 million units. Apart from Resident Evil, Capcom is responsible for other successful game franchises like Street Fighter and Devil May Cry.

Monster Hunter is Capcom's second best-selling franchise behind Resident Evil.

TiMi Studio Group is a Chinese video game development company that creates multiple video game genres across platforms like PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. In fact, most of its games are available on mobile devices, which explains why Capcom is collaborating with it on the new Monster Hunter game. TiMi Studio Group launched its first title QQ Three Kingdoms in 2001. Since then, it has released several other successful video games, including Honor of Kings, Contra Returns, Pokémon Unite, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Monster Hunter series comprises action role-playing video games that have been launched across multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Players assume the role of a Hunter who is tasked with protecting the villages that are plagued by monsters and gathering specific items or loot. To defeat these monsters, the hunter must either slay or trap them. The loot gained from their hunts is then used to craft weapons, armor, and other tools that will aid them in fighting stronger monsters.

Monster Hunter is Capcom’s second-best-selling video game franchise with a combined sale that is more than 88 million units as of September 2022. The game is behind only the Resident Evil franchise. Given that the forthcoming Monster Hunter mobile game is newly announced, there is currently no information on its development, plot, and release date, among others.

By the way, Capcom released the latest edition of the franchise Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch in March 2021 and Microsoft Windows in January 2022. An expansion for the game, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launched for both Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows on June 30, 2022.

In other news, Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo are currently working on their version of Monster Hunter. The two companies neglected to provide more details on the title. Also, 343 Industries has finally provided updates about Halo Infinite that are sure to get fans buzzing.

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