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Capcom turns to fan surveys for help with next Resident Evil remake

The question on every Resident Evil fan's mind right now is, "when is the remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica coming out?"

Believe it or not, fans haven't seen Jill Valentine in a new Resident Evil game for over a decade.

Even before Capcom started remaking the Resident Evil games chronologically (at least, in terms of release and outside of the first one), fans have spent hours debating online about which entry was more deserving. Now, after launching an intriguing survey, Capcom has given the internet the green light to dial the speculations all the way to 11.

As part of the survey, Capcom wants insights about its fanbase, asking questions that span across a broad spectrum of the Resident Evil universe, which includes various forms of media like video games, films, and novels.

Among the questions, one stands out for sparking a considerable amount of excitement: "Let us know if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade."

And, just like that, Resident Evil fans let out a collective roar that would make Nemesis run toward the nearest Save Room.

Likewise, the demand for Resident Evil: Code Veronica to be remade likely has to do with a glaring lack of Claire Redfield in recent Resident Evil entries.

Capcom's intention to remake more titles from the franchise is understandable. But, asking fans suggests that it's not quite sure how to proceed. The natural progression is to work on Resident Evil 5 next. But, any Resident Evil fan will tell you that the two games most deserving of remakes are spin-offs: Code Veronica and Outbreak.

Initially released as a Dreamcast exclusive, Resident Evil: Code Veronica was originally Resident Evil 3 if not for Capcom's contract obligations. The game marks the last classic, fixed-camera Resident Evil title that Capcom hasn't overhauled. This makes it an enticing candidate for a modern remake. Not to mention, fans tried to remake it before until Capcom asked them to cancel work on the project.

The setting of Code Veronica on Rockfort Island, the dramatic narrative featuring Claire Redfield still looking for her older brother and villains like Alfred Ashford and Steve Burnside could all be beautifully reimagined in a modern gaming landscape.

More importantly, fans recognize Code Veronica as part of the overarching Resident Evil narrative.

Leon has been one of the "main" characters in the Resident Evil franchise since he was introduced all the way back in the original Resident Evil 2.

Interestingly, some suggest Capcom should remake Resident Evil 0 and 1 next. However, this is a risk since Capcom has already remade both games.

The fact that Capcom is in a tight spot confirms just how much thought goes into each remake, which also explains why Resident Evil 4 Remake is so good. On top of the excellent reviews, the RE4 Remake achieved an astounding sales milestone by selling three million copies in just two days. You can't blame Capcom for wanting to double down on its remake plans while also making sure that they don't drop the ball, like how it did many years ago.

Despite this obvious possibility, it's worth noting that the survey isn't indicative that Capcom is working on a remake next.

Besides, Capcom left an open-ended box for the fan response. This blank canvas lets users make surprising requests, including franchises outside of Resident Evil, like Dino Crisis, which is basically what a Resident Evil game would look like if it was more sci-fi with dinosaurs and time travel.

It's crazy to think that we'll be talking about Capcom and its plans to remake more Resident Evil games after it basically tanked the series' reputation with Resident Evil 6.

The trajectory of future Resident Evil remakes remains uncertain but there's little doubt that fans are eagerly waiting to see what Capcom will do next.

With its recent successes and the continued demand for more remakes, it's clear that the beloved survival horror series is set to keep fans on the edge of their seats for the foreseeable future.

As for the non-remake Resident Evil entries, it's believed that the sequel to 2021's GOTY contender, Resident Evil Village, is part of a trilogy that started with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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