Capcom Extends All-Platform Resident Evil Village Demo to a Week

Let's face it. Capcom could have rolled out the Resident Evil Village demo so much better. Understandably, Capcom gave PlayStation users first dibs (Sony and Capcom are good buddies). However, the way that Capcom scheduled the Resident Evil Village demo was just abhorrent, to say the least.

Players will still only have an hour's worth of gameplay, but Capcom has extended the availability from a full day to a full week.

Luckily, Capcom is one to listen to fans. After numerous complaints about the scheduling of the Resident Evil Village demo, Capcom has now decided to extend the runtime from a day to a full week.

Resident Evil Village Demo Is Now Available for a Week

You have to give Capcom props for making sure everything goes well for the launch of Resident Evil Village.

After two demo weekends exclusive for PlayStation owners, where Capcom offered a chance for fans to play two specific areas of Resident Evil Village for 30 minutes each with an eight-hour window, there were numerous complaints about how impractical this was. In particular, fans complained about the limited availability. This meant that players with other commitments would not be able to enjoy the demo whenever they wanted.

With the multi-platform demo for Resident Evil Village set to release soon and user complaints growing by the minute, Capcom decided to respond by announcing the window of availability for the final demo period of Resident Evil Village.

Instead of the original 24-hour window, Capcom will now make the final Resident Evil Village demo available for a full 7 days.

As we previously covered in our guide, players on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One, as well as the Google Stadia and PC (via Steam), will have a chance to demo Resident Evil Village for a total of 60 minutes on May 1 or May 2, depending on location. However, because of the backlash, Capcom has decided to make a significant change. The demo will still start at the same time. It's just that interested parties will have until May 10 to play the final Resident Evil Village demo.

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What this basically means is that players will still have a chance to demo Resident Evil Village even after its release date on May 7.

With that said, Capcom is going all-in in terms of marketing Resident Evil Village. After making a life-sized standee of Lady Dimitrescu available earlier in April, Capcom is giving away life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towels to gamers in Japan. Capcom has also since released details about the four villains of Resident Evil Village.

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