Capcom delays Resident Evil PvP Game, RE: Verse, to 2022

The free-to-play multiplayer Resident Evil PvP game was supposed to release days or weeks from now.

The COVID-19 pandemic, paired with the recent and growing concerns within the gaming industry about the overworked conditions in some development studios, has resulted in numerous games being pushed back by a couple of months to a year, if not indefinitely.

It looks like fans will have to wait until 2022 to get their hands on the Resident Evil PvP game.

So many games have been delayed this year that it comes as a surprise when a game ends up actually launching on its intended date.

One of the latest games to be delayed to 2022 is Capcom's free-to-play multiplayer horror game, Resident Evil Re: Verse.

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Why was Re: Verse delayed?

Yes. You are seeing Jill Valentine taking on three Nemesis tyrants at once.

The upcoming Resident Evil player-versus-player title was initially revealed alongside Resident Evil Village. It was intended to launch along with the eighth installment of the Resident Evil franchise but was initially delayed to later this month. Now, it seems like Capcom is putting the game on ice until 2022.

The most surprising part about this is that Re: Verse was supposed to release next week. Capcom is giving gamers fairly late notice.

We are happy to see that studios are becoming more open to delaying games in favor of giving themselves more time to work on them, something we've echoed numerous times in previous articles.

It's just unfortunate that Re: Verse is not going to release this year. It was originally planned to be a part of Capcom's 25th-anniversary celebration of the survival horror franchise and would have paired perfectly with the animated series on Netflix, as well as the live-action movie reboot.

Had the game been released as intended, it would have given players a chance to pit iconic Resident Evil characters against each other for the first time in the series.

Instead of the usual PvE multiplayer games that Capcom has released over the years, Re: Verse is a PvP game. This means that you could choose Claire Redfield and go up against Leon Kennedy. At the same time, you can even play as Mr. X and Nemesis as well, just in case you wanted to know which Resident Evil baddie is worse after seeing our ranking of final boss fights.

If it's any consolation, delaying Re: Verse should give Capcom more time to work on a Resident Evil Village DLC this year.

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