Capcom announces lineup for the Tokyo Game Show

Capcom's presentation at TGS 2022 will start on September 15 at 7:00 AM PST.

We're only a week away from the Tokyo Game Show and audiences are hyped for all of the upcoming presentations and announcements. In the days leading up to the event, there's been plenty of leaks and rumors about what we're going to see at the showcase.

Street Fighter 6 will be the highlight of this year's Capcom presentation.
Street Fighter 6 will be the highlight of this year's Capcom presentation.

One gaming company we will be watching at the TGS is Capcom, as this is their home show. Last year, Capcom highlighted Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This time around, Capcom's main game is Street Fighter 6, which was initially revealed earlier this year. A real-time game demo of the upcoming installment in the iconic fighting game series will be available to play on September 16.

The other games in the Capcom lineup are Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and Exo Primal.

Street Fighter 6

This year, Street Fighter 6 will be at the center of Capcom’s presentation. The showcase will be fifty minutes long and shows off the Fighting Ground and World Tour game modes thru live demos.

Fighting Ground is a local and online versus battle mode which has been the staple of the series. One neat feature of Fighting Ground is the option to add play-by-play commentary during matches.

The World Tour is an immersive single-player story mode featuring a customizable avatar roaming a 3D city-like environment, encountering NPCs, and learning fighting styles. Fans have noted that the game mode looks similar to Shenmue III which is an action-adventure game for the PlayStation 4.

A third game mode, the Battle Hub will be an online social lobby where players can show off their customized characters and presumably challenge players to battles.

The Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for release next year and is coming to the PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Hopefully, we will get a solid release date during the showcase. The Street Fighter 6 showcase will happen on September 16 at 8 AM PST.

What else will be at TGS 2022?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be getting Title Update 2 this month.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be getting Title Update 2 this month.

Capcom will hold a pre-recorded presentation on September 15 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Resident Evil Village, Mega Man, and Exoprimal.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak presentation will most likely highlight Title Update 2, which is coming later this month. The new update will reportedly add new enhancements and many quality-of-life improvements to the game. Fans are hoping that Capcom will add new monsters to Sunbreak as well as part of the incoming update.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will likely be showcasing the new third-person view mode for the main story. Also coming with the Gold Edition is The Mercenaries Additional Order which adds a new playable character and stages. The Gold Edition will also add Shadow of the Rose which features a new story with Ethan’s daughter Rose as the main character.

Mega Man Battle Battle Network Legacy Collection will compile the ten action-adventure games from the series that came out on the Game Boy Advance.

Finally, we will be getting updates on Exo Primal which is a third-person PvEvP shooter game. In Exoprimal, players control an Exofighter and ward off hordes of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures while competing to finish objectives. The game is set to release next year.

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