Capcom announces final title update for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The last update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak arrives on June 8 but it won't be available on the Xbox and PlayStation until August 24.

Primordial Malzeno will be the final monster added to Sunbreak.

It's hard to believe it but it's time to say goodbye to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Capcom recently hosted its final digital event for the game, introducing the title's last update.

Sunbreak will be getting a final title update that brings one final monster to the PC and Switch. Unfortunately, PlayStation and Xbox players will have to wait for the expansion to release in August before getting all the content.

During the Developer Roundtable, it was revealed that Capcom initially planned for Amatsu to be the final monster added to the game during the Version 15 update released last April. However, the studio decided to sneak in one final surprise for players with the new update. Capcom calls the new content its "Bonus Update" adding some quality-of-life features requested by players.

Hunters will be facing off against a very formidable foe in Title Update 6 (Version 16) which wraps up the story of Sunbreak. The update adds Primordial Malzeno to the expansion and expands on the monster’s relationship with the Kingdom.

Primordial Malzeno will have a new and much more challenging moveset as compared to the base version of the monster. Hunters will be able to go on quests to take on Primordial Malzeno at Master Rank 10 and will be rewarded with materials to craft new weapons and armor pieces. Being available at MR10 means new Sunbreak players do not need to grind as much to access the new Malzeno variant.

Title Update 6 also introduces armor augmentation with new slots. The new content also adds several new decorations for players to add to their existing builds. New event quests will also be added and will run start when the update drops until July 27th. Players can unlock various rewards including new layered armor sets.

Capcom also announced that it will be launching a range of themed DLC bundles as part of Title Update 6. The developer will also be offering previous DLC bundles at an "affordable price".

Lunagaron is one of the most hunted monsters in Sunbreak.

Capcom ended the Final Digital Event by thanking the players and fans of the series. The studio also released some of the statistics for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak revealing that Magnamalo was the most hunted monster by players. It was also revealed that the Longsword was the most used weapon in Rise and Sunbreak. It's no surprise as the Longsword has gained a huge following with content creators like Team Dark Side using it as their weapon of choice.

Title Update 6 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be available on June 8, 2023, for PC and Nintendo Switch. The update will be available on August 24th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.  

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