Concept art for canceled Valve space pirate game surfaces online

Stars of Blood never got out of the conceptualization stage and now we have a good idea of what it could have looked like.

For a company as big and as profitable as Valve, you'd think that they'd release more than just a small handful of games now and then. Thanks to a recent documentary on the developer, we've learned that Valve has canceled several games over the past ten years, as well as the reason why Valve dropped these games.

Canceled Valve Space Pirate Game
The last time that Gabe Newell publicly acknowledged Stars of Blood, the PS4 wasn't even a thing yet.

Now, we have more information about another canceled Valve game, this time with the game's official concept art included.

What happened to Stars of Blood?

Canceled Valve Space Pirate Game
Stars of Blood is just one of several games that Valve has canceled in the past decade.

According to Obscure Game Aesthetics, Valve was working on a game called Stars of Blood at one point in time. Most audiences have never heard of this title, and for a good reason - Valve never really talked much about it. However, somehow, the aforementioned Twitter account got its hands on the concept art for the scrapped project and it had some potential.

The game is described as a space pirate game that looks like it would have taken place across different planets.

In addition to the concept art, Obscure Game Aesthetics also uploaded links to YouTube footage that shows a test reel by Gary Horsfield, a video game developer who previously worked for Valve. The footage is from 2012 and it's believed to have been part of the concept art for Stars of Blood. However, this is not confirmed.

Having said that, it's still interesting to speculate what Stars of Blood would have been like if Valve continued working on it. The idea of a space sci-fi game from one of the most decorated video game developers out there is tantalizing enough to make gamers ask Valve for it. Unfortunately, the game will probably never see the light of day. It's not just that Valve already dropped the project, but Valve is also busy working on the Steam Deck at the moment.

Besides, canceling games is par for the course for Valve. Earlier this year, Valve effectively canceled Artifact, making it free-to-play and stopping all development efforts. Other games that Valve had canceled in the past include an FPS title that used Half-Life 2 assets, as well as a Minecraft-style video game. Of course, how could we forget the perpetually delayed Half-Life 3?

If it's any consolation, Valve still owns the assets to Stars of Blood, so who knows? The thing with Valve is that you can never really expect what it wants to do next. As a private company, they're free to do whatever they want, regardless of whether it's a profitable venture for them or not. Here's hoping someone from Valve decides that it's a good idea to revisit Stars of Blood.

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