Can Stranger Things Season 4 break the Squid Game record on Netflix?

Stranger Things Season 4 probably won't "outview" Squid Game, but the sci-fi series has a good shot at joining the Korean survival drama series.

Is Stranger Things Season 4 the biggest season of any Netflix show to air? Yes. But, can it be the biggest one? Probably not.

Stranger Things Season 4 will just be the second Netflix show to have a billion hours watched in its first 28 days.

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Squid Game raced past its competition last year and set a new Netflix record for the most-viewed series of all time. With audiences logging in 1.65 billion hours of Squid Game in 28 days, the Korean survival drama series all but guaranteed that the only way to beat it is with the now-confirmed second season and even then, the record might remain intact. However, what some people might not have expected is that another show might give Squid Game a good run for its money.

As it stands, Stranger Things Season 4 has aired for 27 days. During that time, the science fiction horror series set a new record for the most-watched English series in its first few days on the streamer.

Having said that, people wonder if Stranger Things Season 4 can "outview" Squid Game.

While this probably won't be the case, the gap won't be as wide as you think.

The fifth season of Stranger Things might just be the one to take down Squid Game.

According to Variety, Stranger Things Season 4 has amassed 883.3 million hours of viewing time in its first 24 days. With recent estimates suggesting that the series pulls in roughly 14 million more hours every day (and possibly more now that the final two episodes of the series' penultimate season will come out on July 1), Stranger Things Season 4 has probably reached the billion-hours mark right now with some room to spare.

Ultimately, Stranger Things Season 4 probably won't beat Squid Game, but it will be one of the first to come close. The only chance that Stranger Things Season 4 will have at possibly surpassing Squid Game is if we tweak the record in its favor a bit and include the last two episodes to the encounter. Since the lengthy episodes won't air until July 1, this is far from fair. Of course, since we're talking about hypotheticals already, Netflix could drop the said episodes today or tomorrow.

If this happens, Stranger Things Season 4 will only be a hundred or so million viewing hours shy of Squid Game's record - still not quite enough, but hey, effort matters, right?

Stranger Things has solidified its place among the annals of shows made specifically for streaming platforms.

For now, Stranger Things will have to settle with a runner-up finish, which isn't half-bad as the other seasons occupy Netflix's top 10 list of most-viewed shows of all time. Besides, it's not all over for Stranger Things yet. If we go by the current pattern that each subsequent season has outdone the previous one, the final season of Stranger Things could dethrone Squid Game as Netflix's most-viewed series ever.

In the meantime, Stranger Things fans can binge-watch the first set of episodes of Season 4 as well as check out the official trailer for the season finale.

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