Camp Buildings Guide in Loop Hero

Camp Buildings are one of the most essential mechanics in Loop Hero. Camps can help unlock helpful cards and the ability to craft items that are necessary for expeditions and loops. Below is the list of Camp Buildings in Loop Hero, how to build them, and what their effects are.

What are Camp Buildings?

Camp Buildings are structures in your campsite that unlocks cards and classes.

Camp buildings are structures that you can place on the campsite of your Hero. These structures unlock new cards and classes. The resources you get every expedition are usually used to improve your camp and in return, the buildings unlock more cards and abilities for your hero. The camp is also an essential part of the loop and you should always retreat to your camp before you die.

All Camp Buildings List

Below is the list of Camp Buildings in Loop Hero and what effects they bring to your character.

Alchemist’s Tent

The Alchemist's Tent unlocks the Alchemy feature.

Material cost: 24 Stable Metal, 24 Food Supply,2 Astral Orb, and 3 Orb of Unity.

Pre-requisites: The library should be built first.

Effect: The Alchemist Tent unlocks the Alchemy, enables you to craft Jewelry, and unlocks the Zero Milestone Card. Keep in mind that you also need to build the Supply Depot to craft Jewelry and the Intel Center to unlock the card.


The Bridge prolongs the River building at the bottom of the map.

Material Cost: 12 Preserved Rocks, 9 Stable Metal, 3 Orb of Crafts, 15 Orb of Expansion
Pre-requisite: Must be built on the river tiles.
Effect: Unlocks Bridge Crafting and prolonging the River.


The Campfire is the very first structure you need to build in your camp.

Material Cost: N/A
Pre-requisite: This is the very first camp building you place, and where your hero retreats.
Effect: Your hero recovers 20% of his HP when entering the campfire building.


The Cemetery revives the Hero after upgrading it to Level 2.

Material Cost: Depending on the level, resources needed vary. However, you would need 4 Stable Wood, 12 Preserved Rock, and 2 Metal to build a Level 1 Cemetery.
Pre-requisite: Gymnasium should be built first.
Effect: The Cemetery can revive the hero when you upgrade it to Level 2 with 15% HP.


The Crypt unlocks the Necromancer class.

Material Cost: 4 Stable Wood, 16 Preserved Rock, 9 Stable Metal, 1 Orb of Expansion
Pre-requisite: Can only be placed next to the Cemetery
Effect: The Crypt unlocks the Necromancer class and abilities. You can also unlock the Ancestral Crypt card if you already have the Intel Center.


The Farm unlocks crafting for Food Items.

Material Cost: 5 Stable Wood, 5 Preserved Rock, 3 Stable Metal, 2 Metamorphosis
Pre-requisite: Herbalist's Hut should be built first.
Effect: The Farm gives you 1 Ration every loop and lets you craft food items. It also unlocks the Wheat Field Card.

Field Kitchen

The Field Kitchen is a pre-requisite for multiple camp buildings.

Material Cost: A Level 1 Field Kitchen requires 3 Stable Wood, 2 Preserved Rock, 1 Food Supply
Pre-requisite: The Campfire should be built first.
Effect: The Field Kitchen unlocks multiple camp buildings, including the Refuge, Gymnasium, Blood Grove, and allows you to rest before boss fights.


The Forest unlocks the Forest and Thicket Cards, necessary for Spawning the 'Village?' Card in-game.

Material Cost: 3 Orb of Evolution and 2 Metamorphosis
Pre-requisite: Intel Center should be built first.
Effect: The Forest building unlocks the Forest and Thicket cards. It also unlocks the Lumberjack Building.



Material Cost: A level 1 Gymnasium costs 5 Stable wood, 3 Preserved Rocks, 6 Stable Metal, and 1 Metamorphosis to build.
Pre-requisite: Field Kitchen and Herbalist's Hut
Effect: The level 1 Gymnasium unlocks the Special Traits ability and the Village card.

Herbalist’s Hut

The Herbalist's Hut unlocks the Swamp Card.

Material Cost: A level 1 Herbalist's Hut requires 2 Stable Wood, 3 Preserved Rock, and 4 Food Supply to build.
Pre-requisite: None.
Effect: The Level 1 Herbalist's Hut unlocks Healing Potions. The potions will heal 4% of your maximum HP and your potion slots increase to 3. It also unlocks the Swamp card.

Intel Center

The Intel Center unlocks the Gold Cards feature.

Material Cost: 12 Stable Wood, 15 Stable Metal, 17 Food Supply, 3 Metamorphosis
Pre-requisite: Supply Depot should be built first.
Effect: The Intel Center unlocks the Encyclopedia, River, Library, Forest, and Watchtower buildings. It also lets you add Gold cards to your deck.


The Library unlocks the Bookery card.

Material Cost: 15 Stable Wood, 20 Preserved Rock, 3 Metamorphosis, 4 Orb of Expansion
Pre-requisite: The Library can only be built next to the Intel Center.
Effect: Unlocks more pages in the Encyclopedia. It also unlocks the Bookery and Maze of Memories card.


The Lumberjack unlocks Furniture Crafting.

Material Cost: 3 Stable Wood, 19 Stable Metal, 15 Food Supply, 2 Orb of Crafts
Pre-requisite: The Lumberjack can only be built next to a Forest tile.
Effect: The Lumberjack gives you 1 Stable branch after completing every loop and lets you craft Furniture.

Mud Hut

The Mud Hut serves as the home of the Survivors in your campsite.

Material Cost:  A level 1 Mud Hut needs 4 Stable Wood, 4 Preserved Rock, 4 Preserved Metal and 4 Food Supply
Pre-requisite: Supply Depot should be built first.
Effect: Building and Upgrading the Mud Hut gives you Camp Item slots.


The Refuge unlocks the Rogue Class.

Material Cost: 12 Stable Wood, 2 Preserved Rock, 4 Stable Metal, and 7 Food Supply
Pre-requisite: You can only place the Refuge next to the Field Kitchen.
Effect:  The Refuge unlocks the Rogue class.


The River building unlocks the River Card.

Material Cost:  2 Metamorphosis, 15 Orb of Expansion, 4 Orb of Unity
Pre-requisite: Intel Center should be built first and it can only be placed on specific tiles at the bottom of the map.
Effect: This unlocks the River Card and Bridge.


The Smelter increases your base HP.

Material Cost: 5 Preserved Rock, 18 Stable Metal, 3 Food Supply, 1 Metamorphosis
Pre-requisite: Smithy should be built first.
Effect: It increases your base HP by 30 and it unlocks the Storm Temple and Arsenal golden card.


The Smithy gives you Warrior gear at the beginning of every loop.

Material Cost: A level 1 Smithy needs 2 Stable Wood, 4 Preserved Rock, 7 Stable Metal, and 2 Food Supply.
Pre-requisite: The Campfire should be built first.
Effect:  The smithy gives you basic Warrior gear and lets you craft tools.

Supply Depot

The Supply Depot unlocks the Supply feature.

Material Cost: 9 Stable Wood, 17 Stable Metal, 9 Food Supply, 3 Metamorphosis
Pre-requisite: The Gymnasium and Smithy should be built first.
Effect: The Supply depot gives you the Supply feature and allows you to get Camp Items. You can now also craft items so long as you have the required buildings for them.

Survivors’ Tents

The Survivor's Tent is one of the first structures that can be found at your campsite.

Material Cost: Nothing.
Pre-requisite: You can find the Survivor's Tent on the map at the start of the game.
Effect: Building 2 Mud Huts will remove the Survivors' Tents

War Camp

The War Camp increases your Hero's Strength.

Material Cost: A level 1 War Camp needs 16 Stable Wood, 7 Preserved Rock, 9 Stable Metal, 9 Food Supply
Pre-requisite: Forest should be placed first.
Effect: The War Camp increases the strength of your Hero and unlocks the Outpost card.


The Warehouse increases your camp item capacity by ten.

Material Cost: 11 Stable Wood, 8 Preserved Rock, 6 Stable Metal, 10 Orb of Expansion
Pre-requisite: The Warehouse can only be placed next to the Supply Depot.
Effect: The Warehouse increases your camp items capacity by 10.


The Watchtower spawns Crossbowmen to help you during battle.

Material Cost: 8 Stable Wood, 5 Preserved Rock, 5 Stable Metal, 4 Food Supply.
Pre-requisite: Intel Center must be built first.
Effect: Whenever you are fighting near the campfire, crossbowmen will fire arrows to help you with the fight.


Camp Buildings unlocks multiple cards and features in the game.

Camp Buildings are essential in surviving the loop in Loop Hero. Investing your resources into building Camp Buildings will unlock new cards, classes, and items. However, keep in mind that some Camp Buildings have restrictions on them so make sure to plan the placement of your Camp Buildings ahead of time.

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