Cameron Crowe wants to do an X-Men movie for Dazzler

The mutant Dazzler made a brief appearance in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

If you haven’t heard about the mutant Dazzler, then you are not alone. Many new Marvel and X-Men fans weren’t around or were too young when she became featured as a member of the mutant team.

Dazzler Cover
Director Cameron Crowe wants to make a movie for Dazzler.

Well, director Cameron Crowe wants to make a movie out of the mutant that has the power to convert sound into light. Crowe is known for directing hits such as Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, and Aloha.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Crowe revealed that he wants to make a movie for Dazzler and has already a pick for the actor to play the role. "Throw me a Dazzler movie! Let’s do it," he exclaims. He then shared that Dua Lipa would be his pick for the titular role. Picking a singer to play the part would be apt as Dazzler herself is a professional singer in the Marvel comics.

"Doing a movie like that could be a blast," Crowe adds. "You can have character development and all that deep stuff and also have spectacle. You can do it. And it's heading there, clearly."

Cameron Crowe
Crowe appearing at the Tonigh Show with Jimmy Fallon.

While this is just wishful thinking for Crowe, it may be in the realm of possibility somewhere down the line. Kevin Feige announced in 2019 that the X-Men will be part of the MCU. We haven’t had an official announcement yet from the studio regarding an X-Men project.

However, just last week, Feige mentioned that we are "getting close" to having the X-Men as Wolverine will be in Deadpool 3. Charles Xavier had a part in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Namor, the first mutant from Marvel Comics is the main villain for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Disney already has the rights to the X-Men franchise when it purchased 20th Century Fox. Dazzler is one of those characters that Disney acquired in the deal as she appeared in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Her appearance in the film was more aesthetic than anything. She provided an incredible light display as young mutants were partying around a campfire. The mutant was played by Halston Sage and only appeared for thirty seconds in the final cut of the movie.

Who is Dazzler

Dazzler Art
Dazzler is one of the more powerful mutants in Marvel.

Originally created as a collaboration between Marvel and Casablanca Records, Dazzler has the ability to convert sound into light. The character was intended to fit the disco era of the 70s. The tie-in was later dropped but Marvel decided to keep the character.

While her abilities may not seem like much at first glance, Dazzler is one of the more powerful mutants in the comics. She can wield a sword and even ride a tiger made out of light. She can also emit sound blasts and create a sound barrier.

She also has the ability to locate things with echolocation. And her party trick ability is to make a lighting display from the music or ambient sounds around her.

It would be very interesting if Marvel gets on board with this pitch. Audiences would surely love someone as flashy as Dazzler. Let’s just hope Kevin Feige hears this pitch soon.

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