Call Of Duty: Zombies - Mauer Der Toten Official Trailer Released

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies storyline is about to enter an explosive new chapter with the Mauer der Toten map, releasing as a free update for all owners of the game on the 15th of July, alongside the Season 4 midseason update.

The Dark Aether story takes a new turn as players fight their way through an infected Berlin.

Mauer der Toten, meaning "wall of the dead", is set in a decrepit and ruined version of East Berlin - uhh, more decrepit and ruined than the actual East Berlin was under Soviet occupation, mind - which has been overrun by the undead following a Dark Aether outbreak.

The wall in the map's title, naturally, refers to the Berlin wall that stood back when the country and city were divided between socialist and capitalist sides.

The Zombies experience is getting a kick into gear both on the gameplay side of things and the narrative. The tables have turned, and enemies are forced to work together as a traitor in Requiem ranks unleashes the worst Dark Aether threat. Omega Group's leader, Kravchenko, has Requiem agents captured - but instead of executing them, he presses them into service in exchange for their freedom.

The mission?

Find and kill Samantha Maxis who apparently turned traitor. Allegedly, Maxis is responsible for the outbreak in Berlin where a new kind of portal threatens to unleash an undead threat on the world far greater than any of the previous outbreaks, and has caused new, deadlier Dark Aether creatures to cross over as well. However, based on how twisty and turny Zombies plots usually are, we're certain there is more than meets the eye here.

Mauer der Toten steers the game back to its round-based roots after a long period of Outbreak maps taking us on open-world excursions into vast infected regions. That isn't to say this new map is small - Mauer der Toten packs enough space to cover a large portion of a ruined Berlin district with a fully explorable street level, roof level and even an underground portion complete with an active subway tunnel - used to great destructive effect in the map trailer that was released earlier today.

Devastating new weapons with a strangely futuristic design are here to further expand your zombie-killing armory, and may hide hints about what other places the Zombies story will take us - surely such technology can only be explained with time travel, what with a small automated hovering drone popping out of one gun, while another being a small pistol-looking weapon that despite its small stature fires a volley of target-seeking missiles.

Call Of Duty: Zombies - Mauer Der Toten Official Trailer Released

We're sure there are even more new toys to be tried out once the update launches on the 15th. Amid all the colorful particle effects it is hard to determine, but it looks like we're getting new field upgrades or additional tiers for the ones we already have, and even more fancy weapons are on the way alongside the two that get the most screen time in the trailer.

Of course, any new update to Zombies content also means new enemies to splatter across the scenery. We only get brief glimpses of it all, but among the regular ravenous undead, Mauer der Toten will seemingly set some weird infernal marionette assassin on us, as well as a new purple-glowing skull faced demon boss... thing that can buff regular enemies nearby.

Mauer der Toten is launching as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update, bringing new content not just to Zombies but also to Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone. Stay tuned for more Season 4 Reloaded news leading up to its release on the 15th of July!

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