Call Of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk Nuked Prematurely

Following a pretty major leak that Activision made all the more discussed by a rather extreme legal crackdown, the secret that Verdansk is going to be destroyed at the end of the season and replaced with an 80's version is no secret anymore. It seems that even the game wants the reveal to be spoiled, following the erroneous premature nuclear strikes being launched on the map.

Call Of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk Nuked Prematurely

Players have documented the nuclear missiles from the recently opened up silos launching already. Some have managed to get up close and personal too, tracking the trajectory of these missiles through the Verdansk airspace and go to the impact sites where the rockets would fall and... disappear.

While some bug has caused the animation for the missile launches to trigger early, luckily the actual explosions aren't included yet. Even an unarmed missile would cause some property damage exactly where they fall, but here the in-game models just disappear in a puff of smoke.

Activision's legal team can hardly sue their own company, and this in-game blunder makes the whole commotion about the leaked video showing off a bit of footage from the new 80's inspired map that will debut in Season 3 all the funnier. Ultimately, game companies themselves turn out to be the biggest leakers.

[SPOILER] Game glitched and showed part of the upcoming nuke event (w/ voice lines) from CODWarzone

Zombies have spread to new areas of the Verdansk map this week once again, getting ever closer to the point where they'll be present throughout the entire playable area. It's at that point that a rumored "plague event" will trigger, at the conclusion of which all of the silos will simultaneously fire their nukes, which will wipe Verdansk clean with nuclear fire. The developers will then turn the clock back to bring Warzone into temporal parity with Black Ops: Cold War, and the new Verdansk map will give us a taste of the city as it was in the 80's, with under construction landmarks and all.

Keep an eye out for more news about the impending nuclear apocalypse! In Warzone, that is.

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