Call Of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk Just Got Nuked

The bombs have finally dropped on Verdansk - and actually blew up this time. The long teased and leaked 'containment procedure' marking the end of an era in Call of Duty: Warzone has begun, but it seems the fun doesn't stop with nuclear annihilation - there is more to this event than we thought.


Verdansk getting bombed before a major time-travelling makeover for Season 3 has been one of the worst kept secrets in gaming, but then Call of Duty: Warzone was never big on keeping its intel secure. Not only did an in-game bug cause the nukes to launch early, spoiling the surprise, we've even seen footage of the upcoming 80's map. Sure, graining, low-quality footage, but footage nonetheless.

Even so, the on-going The Destruction of Verdansk event has some surprises in store for us. The Part I playlist, playable until 5 PM ET on April 21 - so hurry up! - awards completing players with a short video depicting the launch of a nuclear missile and the subsequent explosion, as well as an exclusive calling card you won't be able to earn any other way ever again.

After that playlist expires, Part II will have more zingers in store. Since most of us assumed the nuke would be a one and done deal, with the purging of the zombie infection via nuclear fire also purging much of everything else, setting up the whole jump backwards in time to the 80's, which will put Warzone into the same timeframe as the rest of Black Ops Cold War - making the whole shared "Hunt for Adler" event possible.

Where were you when the bombs dropped?

There's plenty to speculate about what Part II will entail. More nukes? Will players see the map change under their feet in real time? A brief period when you'll be able to play Warzone in an empty, barren, freshly nuked wasteland as a gag? Either way, chances are Rebirth Island will factor into the 'story' somehow, since radio transmissions from there indicate the nuking of Verdansk wasn't a deliberately planned containment procedure after all, which raises a few questions.

Luckily, players won't need to speculate for long, as the second part of the event playlist will soon reveal what is in store. Keep your eyes on our feed for more news about The Destruction of Verdansk and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3!

Aron Gerencser
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