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Call of Duty: Warzone has a lot of new features to get used to. Although the mechanics are similar to Modern Warfare, there are a number of certain differences which you'll still need to get familiar with.

Faster Diving

When you jump out of the plane, you can dive much faster than other players with a simple trick.

Simply deploy your parachute and cut it off, then thrust forward. When you are moving forward, having cut your parachute, you obtain extra speed which is much faster than the default.

This is essential for those who want to get to a certain location earlier than other players.

Advanced UAV - All Enemies Shown on the Map

We all know you can see enemies on the Tac Map using your UAV Killstreak.

However, if you use three UAVs, then you can see every enemy on the map along with their direction of vision for the duration of the Killstreak. This is extremely overpowered but is balanced out with the fact that you can only carry a single killstreak at a time.

If your full squad have enough cash to buy UAV then all three members can activate the UAV one by one which will reveal all the enemies on the map.

You can also do this trick solo by buying a killstreak and activating it, followed by buying another and activating it as well. Do this three times with the UAV if you have farmed enough cash to reveal all the enemies on your map.

Advanced UAV

Munition Box Drop Not Random

When you drop a Munition Box to get some more ammo and equipment, it is not at all random. You can choose the ammo type you want before dropping the box.

Simply switch to the weapon you want the ammo type for and then drop the box. This way you will acquire the ammo type for the gun you are holding.

So, ideally you should check which weapon of yours is low on ammo, switch to that weapon and then drop the box in order to get its ammo type.

Tac Map is Essential

The Tac Map is extremely useful when it comes to locating your enemies. Do not take the map lightly. We already know that when your enemies shoot you can see their location on the mini-map, but you are unable to see their exact location unless you are close enough.

This is where your Tac Map comes in. Whenever you hear a gunshot, quickly open your Tac Map and you can see the exact location of the enemy player for a few seconds. This will help you get an idea of the general area of where they might be.

That is not it, either! When you are close to your enemies, you can actually see the gunshot direction appearing on your on-screen radar as well.

Last but definitely not least, once a player is eliminated, they can still use the Tac Map while spectating and use the ping function. If you were eliminated, make use of this feature to provide tactical support to your buddies still in the fight.

This can be extremely advantageous later in the game when the circle is small and your friends are in a sticky situation. You can spectate and ping the location of the enemy players giving your teammates the upper hand.

Take Advantage of Recon Contract Missions

Recon Contract missions are scattered throughout the map but not many players do them since they don't understand how powerful these missions are.

Recon Contract missions are identified by a "flag" icon on the map and are extremely valuable. If you complete one Recon mission successfully, you are rewarded with some cash, a loot drop and the location of the next circle. Completing consecutive Recon missions will reveal upcoming circles with greater precision.

The more Recon Missions you complete the narrower the next circle gets. This helps you know where you should go and possibly camp early in the game, so you do not have to fear the deadly gas.

Loadout Crate Drop is Strategic

Many players are under the impression that the Loadout crate is dropped randomly, which isn't the case. In order to encourage more combat engagements, the Loadout crate will always be dropped in between you and another enemy squad.

So just remember, if the Loadout drops near you then there is another enemy squad on the opposite side of the box, and are also probably rushing towards the crate.

You can always camp near the Loadout crate and the enemy on the other side is sure to show up at the crate in an attempt to obtain their custom loadout, if they haven't already.

Self-Revive Kit Progress

If you use a Self-Revive Kit on yourself then the progress is carried on to your squad members. For instance, if you are self-reviving and suddenly for whatever reason the revive is interrupted, your friend can come over and revive you, picking up the progress from your Self-Revive Kit.

Dropship Speed

The maximum speed of a real-life Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport with its ramp open is 150 knots and it just so happens that the dropship in Call of Duty: Warzone flies you in at 75 meters per second... which is equal to 146 knots. It's nice to know that Activision got small details like this right.

Killing Gulag Players with Rocks

While it's true that you're not able to reduce the health of a person, who is in a 1v1 Gulag fight, to zero by throwing a rock directly at them, you can kill either one of, or both, participants if you can hit proximity mine that they have laid. The video below shows a player taking out both participants with one rock!

Discover Location of Final Circle

If you complete all of the Recon missions then you will be shown where the last circle will be on the map. This is obviously huge advantage as you can simply gear up and head there, then prepare to greet all the other squads who will eventually need to make their way there.

Tag Gulag Opponents

If you tag your opponents in the Gulag (do so by bringing up the Getures/Spray menu - hold UP on console, or press 'T' on PC), then they will be easier to spot (and hopefully eliminate). The video below is an excellent example of when this strategy can work well!

More Precise Cluster Strike

You can make your Cluster Strikes more accurate, especially over long distances, by first using a sniper scope to aim at the correct point/precise location. You'll just need a steady hand for when you switch out and call in the strike.

The results, if you get it right, can be wonderful as this video shows!

Better Mini-Map

You can change the shape of your mini-map from round to square. This will give you a slightly better view and a larger peripheral view than the round mini-map.

In order to change the shape of your mini-map, you need to head to settings and navigate to the "General" tab. In here look for "HUD" settings where you will see an option called "Mini Map Shape". You can change the shape of your mini-map using this particular option.

Mount For Extra Stability

You have the option to mount your weapon on any ledge in Warzone. Once mounted, you have extra aiming stability and recoil control. The recoil will practically be zero when your weapon is mounted.

Note that you can not only mount horizontally on a ledge surface, but also vertically on an edge of any wall. This is quite beneficial for long range shootouts. Take full advantage of this as a lot of players overlook this handy feature.

Full Armor with One Tap

You can change your armor plate applying behavior by going to the settings. Normally, when you apply the Armor, you only put on one at a time.

But, if you go to Options > Keyboard & Mouse > Killstreaks & Vehicles > Behaviors, you will find "Armor Plate Behavior." You can choose between "Apply One" or "Apply All."

By choosing the "Apply All" behavior option, your Operator will put on all the available armor plates by pressing the apply button once. The armor keeps on applying one after another until you have the maximum armor capacity or have run out of armor plates.

Covering Greater Distance when Gliding

You can cover pretty much the entire map from one end to another using this little technique when you're gliding using the parachute. When you are parachuting in a straight line, you will have more speed but you will descend much quicker.

You will cover more distance if you tilt sideways and then glide. Your speed will decrease considerably but you can parachute down from one end of the map to the other. You can keep track of your speed by looking at the bar on the right-hand side of the screen when you first jump out of the plane.

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