Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Launched

After Activision decided to delay Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone due to the wave of protests sweeping through the USA against racism and police brutality, we now have a new launch date for the next leg of content in the battle royale: right now!

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Infinity Ward announced on Twitter that new Call of Duty content is live in-game as of Wednesday, June 10 at 11PM PT / Thursday, June 11 at 2AM ET on all platforms. This sudden surprise release is bound to make several fans happy who have been waiting for something to spend time with since COVID-19 related quarantine measures are still active in many countries, but we shouldn't lose sight of the very important social issues that caused the delay in the first place.

Additionally, the developers are using this opportunity to do some optimization on the game files. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is notorious for its huge download and install sizes, and if you play Warzone on top of that the storage space needed becomes even larger. With the Season 4 update, IW are trying to mitigate this somewhat.

Infinity Ward has gone back and compressed as many assets as they realistically could without impacting game performance. Those compressed assets need to be downloaded so they can replace the current ones, which means that the Season 4 update is a very big download, but the actual installation size is only 4 GB more than the pre-Season 4 size of the game.

Season 4 was set to start on the 3rd of June before the delay.

Season 4 brings Captain Price as the featured operator alongside a number of new weapons, cosmetics and additional content like playlists which will become active as the season progresses. Players jumping into Warzone to enjoy Season 4 will encounter Infinity Ward's latest effort to make the game more welcoming to black players in the wake of recent events, in the form of a Black Lives Matter message before every match.

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