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Call of Duty seems to be significantly overstating the number of people engaging in combat with full-face metal masks - the upcoming Season 4 update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone features at least two. Of course, the huge new seasonal update dropping on the 17th of June, just two days from now, is packing a ton more than just that. Let's take a look at what we can expect.

Trailers & Release Date

The storyline continues in Season 4, following the rescue of Adler at the conclusion of Season 3. The successful rescue operation happened sooner than expected, causing inconvenience for Perseus and his allies, but they maintain the upper hand - a new henchman, Jackal, orchestrates the falling of multiple CIA satellites out of orbit which crash into Verdansk and an undisclosed location in Algeria. Season 4 revolves around the struggle to gain control of these satellites and claim the valuable data within.

On the gameplay side of things, there are plenty of additions across all three branches of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. New content in Warzone, new maps and modes in Multiplayer and a new zone in Outbreak, among others - read on for more details.

You'll be able to experience all of this and more when the Season 4 update goes live in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the 17th of June, this Thursday.

Ground Fall Event

Structured in a similar way as The Hunt For Adler, Ground Fall is the new time-limited story event. Various objectives spread around the new maps in Multiplayer and the new points of interest in Warzone will have you retrieving data packets from the fallen satellites in order to complete challenges, many related to the new operators and weapons being added in Season 4.

Completing these objectives will propel the overarching narrative while also helping you unlock unique rewards such as Emblems, Calling Cards, and a Satellite Weapon Charm which won't be available in any other way. If you manage to complete the full Ground Fall progression track, you'll also unlock a fancy Epic Secondary Weapon Blueprint.

New Operators

The pattern for the launch of new operators in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War seasons has become pretty clear over the course of the past 3 - whoever is the main villain of the current arc is a guaranteed spot, so our masked frenemy Jackal should come as no surprise, with some supporting characters also joining the fray later on in the season.


The first outing of this South African mercenary was his assault on the CIA base that resulted in the crashing of the satellites, and now he's taking a much more active role on the frontlines. With no real loyalty to Perseus, he's only here for the payday, and has a reputation of exceptional ruthlessness.

Players can access the Jackal operator upon the launch of the season automatically as the Tier 0 reward of the season pass - and you'll be able to unlock a special skin for him at Tier 100.


An Egyptian recruit in the NATO task force that seeks to track down the crashed satellites before Perseus agent reach them, Salah is a veteran and member of the newly minted Unit 777. Aside of being highly skilled on the battlefield, Salah keeps morale up with his positive presence.

Players will be able to unlock the Salah operator later on in the season.


Grigori Weaver, returning from the original Black Ops is leaving his previous zombies-only role and joining the wider Black Ops Cold War world with this operator, allowing you to use him in Warzone and Multiplayer as well as his native mode combatting the undead.

Players will be able to unlock the Weaver operator later on in the season.

New Weapons In Season 4

Five new tools of war will be made accessible to players in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, drawing for multiple walks of life and eras. The guns we've come to expect are joined by odd additions, coming to us from the shelf of a hardware store and the rack of a blacksmith shop, respectively.

MG 82

Acquire this relatively light LMG at Tier 15 of the Season Pass for free in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone - the MG 82 offers the top rate of fire in this weapon class, and features fast ADS speeds compared to other LMGs. These perks coupled with its high ammo capacity and strong kick make it a force to be reckoned with.


This is the poster rifle of Season 4, being gripped by Jackal on the key art. We'll see if this full-auto assault rifle with crazy short-range damage will really be that iconic. With a low ammo capacity and rate of fire offset by high damage, low recoil and fast bullet velocity, this won't be a spray-and-pray type of gun. If you can reliable land calculated shots though, it may be a real game changer. Unlock it at Tier 31.

OTs 9

Heavy hitting as far as SMGs go, you'll need that kind of power when using the OTs 9 - taking out the opponent with a single magazine is crucial, as the high damage and rate of fire this weapon boasts are offset by the tiny magazine capacity, and a mid-battle reload could mean a swift death. The OTs 9 is coming later on in the season.

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