Call Of Duty: Warzone Rook LMG & Serac Blueprint Guide

Call of Duty: Warzone got a wealth of new content with the recent launch of Season 2, including new points of interest, a limited time Zombie event and new Prestige levels. Among all this new content, a few new weapons found their way to the standalone battle royale game, two of which have extremely rare variants - the Rook LMG and the Serac.

New Weapons in Warzone Season 2

Season 2 brought several new guns to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer as well as Warzone, including the Raal LMG and the CX-9 SMG. Both of these new weapons are effective on the battlefield, but neither exactly shatter the meta, as it were. That said, we're talking about the regular variants here.

Players have discovered that both of these guns have much rarer, and thus much more powerful variants. Getting them, however, is no easy task and much luck is required. The Rook and Serac are appropriately powerful for their rarity, and can turn the tides in a match outright.

How to get the Rook LMG

When you absolutely, positively, definitely need someone to not be alive anymore

The Rook LMG is a Legendary variant of the Raal LMG, featuring a silencer, increased damage and decreased fall-off making is much more accurate than most weapons of this category typically are. What little first-hand accounts we've seen online, this is an absolute destroyer, easily mowing down enemy operators.

Game balance would be a casualty if every player could run around with one of these, but getting one isn't trivial - it's entirely up to luck, as currently the only way to equip a Rook LMG is to find one as a ground drop. A favorable crate is your only chance at getting the weapon, and it can't be customized either - though players suspect this will change when the Blueprint is made available.

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How to get the CX-9 Serac

Soap's custom CX-9

Unfortunately, the answer is the same here. Right now this weapon is exclusively acquired through ground loot, and cannot be customized, however here too we expect the Blueprint to show up in the store later on during the season - it's a confirmed element of the upcoming Soap Operator bundle, and should be available separately too. If anything, the Serac is even more of a game changer than the Rook LMG.

Players report that this SMG is practically zero recoil, paired with a high rate of fire and high damage, allowing you to accurately cut down enemy combatants with ease. What few players have given the Serac a spin laud it as the next meta - so expect to encounter it often once it becomes a widespread element of players' loadouts.

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