Call Of Duty: Warzone's Rebirth Island Goes Dark After Nuke

There's a lot going on in Call of Duty: Warzone right now, and we don't just mean the monumental fact that it recently broke 100 million players - Verdansk, the original map of the standalone free to play battle royale spin off has been nuked to contain a zombie outbreak, and now the fallout has reached the other map, Rebirth Island.


Following the conclusion of The Destruction of Verdansk Part I playlist, which allowed players to witness the nuclear strike first hand and unlock an exclusive calling card, the entire Verdansk map has been made inaccessible in Warzone. Currently, players only have access to Rebirth Island, and it too has changed - you can see the destruction wrought by the nuke off the shore, and a cloud of ash has blotted out the sun.

Changes aren't only environmental, though. A brand new area, which we suspect will have a role to play as the event continues, has opened up - players can now access the location called Control Center, though there isn't much to do there yet. Additionally, special night vision goggles have been scattered throughout the map to help you cope with the dark.

As far as the in-game timeline is concerned, any matches of Rebirth Island Resurgence played in the current leg of the event take place fifteen minutes following the nuclear strike on Verdansk, so your operators are likely still reeling from the unexpected event. All of this is, naturally, just a temporary situation before Activision finally unveils the new map for Warzone, which will be an 80's style rework of Verdansk.

Until recently we only had leaks to back that up, but as of the start of Part II in the event playlist, there is now a teaser site hinting at the map update with various heavily distorted screenshots you can unlock by inputting the right passwords.

The smaller Rebirth Island map was added to Warzone when Black Ops Cold War launched

Season 3 is definitely putting a huge emphasis on Warzone with this major event. While having the main map of a major battle royale game get destroyed in an event isn't a novel idea, it definitely was pulled off with style this time around. The Destruction of Verdansk event continues throughout the day, though we suspect things will settle down to a normal state soon, allowing players to make progress in their shared Hunt for Adler event challenges. The whole point of turning the clock back on Verdansk to the 80's is to bring Warzone into the same timeline as Black Ops Cold War.

Stay tuned for more coverage on the Destruction of Verdansk event.

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