Call of Duty: Warzone lousy with new easter eggs

Godzilla, King Kong, Season 3's mid-season update, Season 4 - all of these have hints to them hidden in Warzone right now.

Few things quite capture the attention and interest of fandoms as easter eggs, especially ones that haven't been found yet - Activision is harnessing this boundless curiosity with Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone, and has apparently pumped the update chock full of hidden hints about upcoming content.

Vgd S Announcement

While Vanguard is keeping things level and continuing the on-going seasonal storyline with Classified Arms, placing the focus on experimental weaponry and a shady underground research facility, Warzone has decided to toss reason and realism to the wind - as it has many times before.

In Operation Monarch, it is crossing over with Godzilla's and King Kong's current cinematic universe, and will feature a showdown between the two legendary monsters. According to Raven Software’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins who spoke with CharlieIntel, those of you with an eye for detail and an inclination for some sleuthing should get busy in Warzone, as easter eggs are already present.

Hidden hints about how the two monsters will factor into the major changes happening to the Caldera map are apparently strewn about the battlefield. We'd say the use makeshift axe fashioned from one of Godzilla's spikes is a bit too overt to be considered "hidden", but there is much more to be uncovered both about these titans, and the shadowy machinations of Monarch.

Vgd S Announcement
Not the beastie boys crossover most had in mind.

The secrets don't stop there, though - when Activision detailed the content hitting Warzone in Season 3, they already began hyping up the mid-season update. Apparently, major changes are coming to Caldera, and somehow a revamped Rebirth Island is also involved in upcoming events. Easter eggs hinting at this mid-season update are just waiting to be found.

The developers couldn't stop themselves there, and jumped ahead even further. Timmins went on to reveal that among the numerous easter eggs newly added to Warzone, several are actually hinting at Season 4, which is supposedly going to bring the most drastic map changes to Caldera we've seen so far.

Considering the typical Call of Duty release schedule, Season 4 might be foreshadowing the next game - or even Warzone 2. This means that the drastic map changes could also be highly destructive. That said, we doubt they'd play the nuke card a second time.

Vgd S Announcement
Maybe it will be a tidal wave this time?

In any case, that leaves Caldera absolutely lousy with easter eggs right now, so any and all virtual sleuths with a liking for Call of Duty: Warzone should put on their thinking caps and log in. It's time to dig up some hints.

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