Warzone Gulag Guide

Call Of Duty: Warzone offers you a unique way of getting back into the fight if you're eliminated. It involves successfully completing a challenge and is something new, having never before been seen in any other Battle Royale game.


One Verus One Fight

When you die the first time in a match and are not revived, you will be given a chance to re-enter via the Gulag.

In the Gulag, you will be pitted against another random enemy player who has also died during the game. If you can defeat them in a one-on-one quick match you will return to the battlefield!

Both of the players in the Gulag are given the same randomized loadout. You cannot use lethal equipment until five seconds have elapsed. In the Gulag your health does not regenerate.

There is a 15 second timer which starts as soon as the fight begins. After 15 seconds have passed the fight will go into overtime and a flag will appear in the middle of the map. If you capture this flag by standing near it for a couple of seconds then you will win the fight and get back into the Battle Royale.

If neither one of you capture the flag then whoever has the most health remaining is used to determine the winner of the fight. And in very rare scenarios, if you and the enemy player both have the exact same health and the overtime also passes by, then both of you will be eliminated.

Pre-Fight Antics

When you are sent to the Gulag, you do not get into your 1v1 match right off the bat. If no other enemy player has died then you will be there with a timer at the top of your screen. If another player dies within that time frame, then you and that player will get into a Gulag match.

But if no player dies within that time frame then you will be redeployed without fighting anyone. You can also spectate other players that are in their 1v1 fights when waiting for your turn in the Gulag.

If your friend and you both die at the same time then both if you will be sent to the Gulag. You can then take advantage of this since you can spectate each other fighting and you friend can call out the positions of the enemy player.

You can also throw rocks while spectating other players fight. These rocks sometimes give away the position of the enemy player, and cause 1 point of damage - unless the combatant is at 1 HP, since rocks cannot be lethal.

Tips to Winning in The Gulag

Here are some tips that will help you win your Gulag fights allowing you back into the battle grounds.

Do not rush: The first tip is to never rush towards your enemy or their spawn point. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most players make. Instead, be patient and sit at your spawn. Wait for them to come to you and pre-aim. Check both your left and right side while pre-aiming. Patience is key here despite that 15 seconds timer. Most players will rush towards you. So sit at your spawn, wait for them to come to you and then take them out.

Practice with the guns: In Gulag mode, you are always given a variant of either a shotgun or pistol. Practice with those guns and familiarize yourself with them against the bots. This will really help you get to know the guns and how they shoot, giving you an advantage during the Gulag matches.

Use equipment: Not a lot of players use the tactical and lethal equipment given to them during their Gulag fights. Utilize this equipment to your advantage as they are extremely helpful if used correctly. For instance, if you have a claymore then you can plant it on right side of the map and then head towards the left side. If the claymore goes off then you will know exactly where the enemy player is. If not, then chances are that the enemy player will run straight into you on the left hand side. You can use your stuns to slow down the enemy and take them out. Just remember that you cannot use any equipment until 5 seconds after the fight begins.

Capture the Flag: Many players are scared to go for the flag due to the fact that it is right in the middle of the map and you will be open to your enemy. However, do not be scared of capturing the flag and try to carefully make your way towards it. The fact that it only takes around 2-3 seconds to capture the flag makes it one of the easiest ways to get yourself back into the game. When you start capturing the flag, the enemy player is not notified of that and by the time they realize that something is awry, you would have already captured the flag.

Sit by the corners: This tip is essential to know. When you are at the spawn point or anywhere on the map, try to always hug the walls and stay in the corners rather than running in the middle. This way, when the enemy player runs past you, there is a higher chance of them not noticing you. Even if they do notice you, it will be too late for them as you would have seen them before they did, and you will have several seconds advantage to take them out. So remember to always sit by the corners.

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