Call of Duty Warzone Guide: How to Find Rebirth Island Easter Egg

After what was essentially a beta period that lasted more than half a year, Call of Duty: Warzone has officially entered its first season and has now fully integrated itself with the latest Call of Duty release, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War.

With this update, Warzone will see an influx of assets from Cold War.

Naturally, this also includes Warzone's short but very fun tradition of adding Easter Eggs into the game with each major update. This time around, the Easter Egg concerned is that of Rebirth Island.

Scroll down below for more information on how to find the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone.

What is Rebirth Island?

First things first, just in case you didn't know, Warzone will have an all-new map introduced in Season 1.

The new map is called "Rebirth Island" and it's designed to condense the gameplay experience by putting players in a map designed only for up to 40 players in total, in order to speed up combat.

Finding the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone

Thanks to some very persistent YouTubers, in particular, Geeky Pastimes, we now know that there is an all-new Easter Egg in Warzone. Not only that, but we also know what it's for, where to find it, and what it gives you.

Below is a step-by-step guide to finding the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone.

Step 1 - Locating the Briefcase

For every round played in Rebirth Island, there'll be a briefcase that will spawn in a random location. Next to the briefcase, you'll find three photos showing different areas of the island.

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You can click here for an easier time finding the briefcase.

Step 2 - Go to the Locations

Once you've found the briefcase, you'll then have to go to all three locations given to you. You'll need to do this during the match in which you found the briefcase and the photos. You cannot split visiting each of the three locations across multiple matches.

Basically, what you're hunting for in each location is a slice of an entry code that you'll use later on.

Take note of the hyphens in each slide of code you find as it will determine the positioning of the code. So, for example, if the code you found is written as 683-, that means it would be the first three numbers in the sequence and so on.

Once you're done visiting all three locations, you should have the complete eight-digit code.

Step 3 - Go Inside

Head on over to the Headquarters Command Center's first floor and input the code on the Yellow Door to gain access.

What Do You Get from the Yellow Door?

This is the reward waiting for those who will complete the Easter Egg in Rebirth Island.

For all of your hard work, you'll find yourself rewarded with a combination of legendary crates, killstreaks, grenades, and more. However, that's not all. You'll also get a "Red Room Submachine Gun Blueprint".

Just make sure that you switch back immediately to your original weapon once you've picked up the Blueprint.

If you don't do this, your teammates won't be able to grab the Blueprint for themselves.

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