Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are selling M13B drops on Ebay

The meta assault rifle can only be unlocked in the DMZ game mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is a very competitive battle royale game. Players are constantly scrambling to get an edge over others by using the meta weapons that could turn the tide of a match.

M B Cover
Players are selling the M13B assault rifle blueprint on eBay for real money.

Currently, the meta weapon in the assault rifle category cannot be unlocked by progressing through Warzone or via the Modern Warfare 2 solo campaign. It is significantly tricky since it can only be unlocked in the DMZ mode.

To make matters worse, you can only find it from one of the two bosses in the DMZ and it will only spawn once in a match. Complicating things is the fact that this boss is located in the radiation zone and enemies in that area are harder to beat.

Some enterprising players are now selling the meta M13B assault rifle on eBay, while some are offering services to carry others to obtain the weapon. Don't forget, you can only unlock the weapon if you defeat and loot the "Chemist" from the radiation zone and successfully make an exfill with the rifle from the DMZ before the timer expires.

Our guide can help players in unlocking the M13B assault rifle if you need some help, but don't want to pay for a carry.

Chemist Art
Defeating the Chemist and performing a successful exfil with the weapon unlocks the M13B.

The M13B currently sells for $3-$6 on eBay. These players offer others a chance to team up with experienced gamers on DMZ to try and defeat the Chemist. The person who paid for the service does not even have to lift a finger as these enterprising players will even take out the boss and hand over the rifle.

Players who decide to take the Chemist on are in for a tough time as he is surrounded by lethal radiation and a lot of armored lackeys. Before the most recent patch, players could ram him with a vehicle for a quick kill. This technique also applied to the Juggernaut boss and the weapons case.

However, the recent patch all but removed this option from the game. Infinity Ward has decided to place a DDOS area around the Chemist and Juggernaut, making it impossible to ram them with a vehicle. The DDOS is an EMP field that disables all electronic devices and vehicles in an area.

The new update also reduced the time an operator can safely stay inside the radiation zone. Before the update, players could stay within the radiation zone for a few minutes before you need to change gas masks. The update cut that time in half, making it much more difficult to loot the M13B.

A faster way to obtain the M13B

Chemist Warzone Art
Players who already unlocked the M13B can also share the blueprint by simply dropping the rifle during a match.

However, there is a faster and easier way to unlock the M13B. All you need is a friend who already has the weapon unlocked. That friend will simply have to make the rare assault rifle his/her insured weapon before entering the DMZ. This player then has to drop the weapon for his teammate who needs to successfully exfil with the M13B.

This method will make the dropped M13B a contraband weapon and it will be unlocked once the player who has it exfils from the DMZ. Alternatively, players can also defeat other players in the DMZ who have the weapon equipped and exfil from the DMZ after looting it.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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