Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies (Terra Maledicta) Ultimate Guide

All Shovel Locations & Dig Spots

Almost all the side-easter eggs on Terra Maledicta require you to dig certain spots located all over the eastern desert (the central hub). For this, you need to get a shovel. So, before you do anything else, let's get the shovel. There are four shovel locations and the shovels always spawn at each one of these locations (for all four players on the map). However, if there are only two players on the map, only two shovels will spawn. Similarly, if you're playing it solo, only one will spawn at any one of the four locations.

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The shovel locations are as follows:

Shovel Location #1

The first shovel can be found inside the Market Storage located on Merchant Road West.

Head inside the building and turn right to find the shovel leaning against a rack of carpets.

Shovel Location #2

The second shovel can be found in the Debris Field right after you enter the field via the Ravine Path. This is the same location as the Venomous Vigor (Quick Revive) perk fountain.

Shovel Location #3

The third shovel can spawn in the Outpost Courtyard area. It will be leaning against a crate with a generator.

Shovel Location #4

The final location where the shovel can spawn is in one of the rail containers in the Derailment Area.

Dig Spots

There are over thirty dig spots evenly spaced out all over the eastern desert. The dig spots are elevated mounds with some debris including skulls and bones poking out of them. It is not difficult to identify them. When you get close to the mound after collecting the shovel, you will get an option to dig.

Every time you dig a spot, you have a chance to get the following:

  • Salvage
  • Equipment
  • Ammo
  • Activated Monkey Bomb
  • Tome Page
  • Radio Antenna
  • Purple Corrupted Heart
  • Fake Raygun (can be obtained later, see the tome page side-easter egg below)

Here are the locations of all the dig sites found on the map:

Empty map layout credit goes to u/SwordOfArey on Reddit

Free Sacrificial Heart Easter Egg

By now, we all know the significance of the sacrificial heart in Vanguard Zombies. It is used to upgrade your field upgrade tiers in-game and buy different covenants from the altar of covenants.

You usually get the sacrificial heart by completing objectives. However, you can get a free sacrificial heart by completing a small side easter egg on Terra Maledicta. The easter egg can be completed right at the central hub.

This easter egg requires you to first dig some spots to obtain the purple heart.

When you get the purple corrupted heart, your health will reduce, and you will get a red aura around you.

You will now need to rebury this corrupted heart into one of the glowing dig sites. Two or three of the dig spots will have red glowing runes on them instead of the mound. You can bury it in any one of the glowing sites.

Walk up to the red glowing area, and interact with it to bury the purple corrupted heart.

Once you do that, you will automatically obtain a single sacrificial heart which you can spend on either the tome of rituals or at the altar of covenants.

You can pick up the same buried purple corrupted heart and bury it multiple times, but you will not get another sacrificial heart. It is a one-time deal only.

Radio Antenna Easter Egg

For this easter egg, keep digging until you get a radio antenna as one of the drops.

Pick up the antenna, and take it to Merchant Road East. You will find a bunch of radios on the side of the road.

Interact with the radios, and you will attach the antenna to one of the radios on the crate.

Once you attach the antenna, a bunch of Boom Schreier will spawn. Take them out.

After taking out the Boom Schreier, make your way to the Debris Field where the Venomous Vigor perk fountain is. You will find a radio with an antenna beside the perk fountain.

You will get a prompt to rotate the antenna. Rotate it.

Once again, upon interaction, some more Boom Schreier will spawn. Take them out as well.

Now, make your way to the Bazaar building on Merchant Road West.

Go to the first floor, and interact with the radio.

More Boom Schreiers will spawn. Take them out as well.

Finally, make your way to the Market Storage on Merchant Road West.

There will be one last radio with an antenna in here. Rotate it.

This time, instead of the Boom Schreier, a bunch of Sturmkriegers will spawn.

Take them out, and you will be rewarded a self-revive and a loot chest. The loot can vary.

Lost Tome Pages Easter Egg

The Lost tome page easter egg is also known as the free raygun easter egg or the free death machine easter egg. If you make your way to the Outpost Courtyard on the eastern part of the map, you will notice a small room with a red aether barrier blocking it.

This room usually contains a death machine but there's also a rare chance that a raygun will be inside. You can check what is inside by looking through the window on the left side of the room.

You can also guarantee a raygun, but we will get to that shortly. First, how do we open up this barrier? You can open this barrier by collecting four lost tome pages scattered around the map. This means you need to do some more digging. Keep digging until you've collected four tome pages. The main easter egg tome page does not count.

Once you've collected all four pages, make your way to the barrier and interact with the four sides of the barrier to place the tome page on that specific side.

It's a bit buggy when it comes to placing the pages. The most consistent method of placing the pages is to center yourself with the barrier and crouch. When crouched, aim slightly towards the red nodes, and you should get a prompt to place the page.

To open the barrier, you need to place these pages in a certain order. This order is random in every match. You can easily determine the order through trial and error. Whenever you place the page, if it disappears, it is in the incorrect order. If the page stays, it is in the correct order. So, if you place the page on the right side, and it doesn't disappear, it is in the correct order.

After placing one, continue placing the rest of the pages until you get the full correct order. Once completed successfully, the barrier should open, and you should be able to get either a free death machine or a raygun.

There is a way to guarantee a free raygun and you can do that, you guessed it, by more digging! Keep digging around the map until you get a fake raygun out of the dig spot.

As soon as the raygun comes out, it will fly away. It basically flies away from you and goes inside the aether barricaded room.

As the raygun flies away, you will also get bombarded by a lot of Boom Schreiers. You can easily die if you do not have armor or the fiendish fortitude perk. So be careful, back up, and eliminate the Boom Schreiers first.

You can now see that the room will have the raygun as well as the death machine. You can unlock the barrier by doing the same lost tome pages easter egg.

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