Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies (Terra Maledicta) Ultimate Guide

Terra Maledicta is the second map for Vanguard Zombies following Der Anfang. Similar to Der Anfang, Terra Maledicta also has a central hub, with the main hub being set in Egypt’s Eastern Desert. In addition to the barren desert land, the hellish dark aether is a possible objective location, as is the "Hall of Truth" located in Berlin, Nazi Germany.

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The central hub of Terra Maledicta contains all the usual things you would expect, including the pack-a-punch machine, crafting table, tome of rituals, the altar of covenant, and several ammo crates spread across the hub to refill your ammo.

All these features can be found right when you spawn in the Temple. You can learn more about what each individual feature does in our Der Anfang ultimate zombies’ guide.


Terra Maledicta has all the previous objectives contained in Der Anfang with an addition of one new objective called Sacrifice. In Sacrifice, you need to kill zombies trying to sacrifice themselves at several "altars" made up of another type of zombie, Syphoncores.

The Syphoncores can only suck the souls of zombies with a red glowing aura around them. These zombies will ignore you and run straight to the Syphoncores while the regular zombies will attack you.

You must ensure that you do not let the sacrificial zombies reach the Syphonecore before a three-minute timer ends. The Syphoncore can rotate to different locations, and you can have up to four (A, B, C, and D) Syphoncores. Each can suck up to five zombie souls. You will fail the objective if you fail to stop all the Syphoncores from sucking the zombies.

Feel free to check out the rest of the objectives (Blitz, Harvest, Transmit, Purge) in our Der Anfang guide - the mechanics are all exactly the same in Terra Maledicta.


The perks, or the demonic fountains, are also available across the central hub. Here are the locations of all the perk fountains in Terra Maledicta:

Demonic Frenzy

You can find Demonic Frenzy (or Speed Cola) near the Tents area. It is directly North of the Temple after you pass East Spring road. When you spawn, unlock the left barrier by completing the given objective, and run straight to the edge of the map to find the green fountain.

Fiendish Fortitude

You can find Fiendish Fortitude (or Jugger-Nog) at the Spike. The Spike is located directly to the East of the Demonic Frenzy. Keep hugging the left side and run straight until you pass the East Spring and get to the Outpost Courtyard. Continue to move forward through the Merchant Road East and go through a narrow passageway just past the Storehouse. You will reach the Spike and find the fountain at the bottom level.

Venomous Vigor

Venomous Vigor (or Quick Revive) can be found at the Debris Field. The Debris Field is located directly South of the Spike. There is a small passageway that takes you directly to the field. You will find the fountain to your left as you enter the field.

Diabolical Damage

Diabolical Damage (or Deadshot Daquiri) can be found on the first floor of the Bazaar building. Continue running past the Venomous Vigor perk fountain and exit the Debris Field via the Ravine Path to enter the Merchant Road (to the Southwest).

You will find a building with a blue window shutter and a blue double door.

Enter the building and go to the first floor to find the yellow perk fountain.

Aethereal Haste

Aethereal Haste, also known as Stamin-Up, can be found in the Derailment area. Exit the Bazaar building via the southern exit and keep going south by taking Merchant Road West.

You will find a Rail Path leading up to the Derailment area at the very end.

The orange perk fountain will be to your left when you enter the Derailment area.

Main Easter Egg

The main easter egg on Terra Maledicta is very short and consists of completing objectives, but in a certain order. The main objective of this easter egg is to obtain the tome page. This is the same page you found in Shi No Numa during your void objective on Der Anfang.

The good news is that on Terra Maledicta you can use the Decimator Shield to obtain the tome page. Here are the easter egg steps for Terra Maledicta. We will split the easter egg into two stages: Obtaining the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon and obtaining the tome page.

Step 1: Obtaining the Decimator Shield

The Decimator Shield is the new wonder weapon you will use to destroy the spell locks holding the tome page together. When you spawn into the map, you will notice a shield in the middle of the map just outside the Temple.

This is the Decimator Shield, and you need to do a couple of things before you can get your hands on the shield. First, clear the barrier in the middle so you can approach the shield.

When you approach the shield, a series of dialogues will start, after which Krafft will ask you to carry out your tasks until Vercanna trusts you. It simply means opening more of the map before Vercanna can issue the next step.

Make your way back to the Temple and open the barrier to your left (North of Temple) by completing whatever objective is given.

Once opened, Vercanna will trust and ask you to go to the runestone near the green fountain. The green fountain is the Demonic Frenzy or Speed Cola perk fountain. Since you've already opened up the northern barrier, go to the end to the Tents area.

You will find a glowing runestone on the table by the crates directly in front of the fountain.

Interact with the runestone, and a series of dialogues will start. Once the dialogues end, Saraxis will open up a blue portal for you to go through.

Once you go through, a Purge objective will start. Complete the objective, and you will be teleported back to the map.

When you're back, you will hear a distinct ringing sound. This is the sound of the activated yellow crystals that you can destroy to free the Decimator Shield. Every time you destroy one crystal, a glowing "soul-like" particle flies out of it and into the shield.

There are four crystals, and they are found very close to each other. Here are the locations of all the crystals:

Yellow Crystal #1

The first crystal is at Spawn (Temple), right above the exfil.

Yellow Crystal #2

The second crystal is on the Bazaar building on Merchant Road. You don't have to open up the right-side (South) of the Temple yet. You can shoot the crystal from outside the barrier.

But, you can open up the barrier by completing the objective if you wish to since the next part will require you to go to that part of the map anyway.

Yellow Crystal #3

The third crystal is just outside the Temple in the middle, directly in front of the Decimator Shield.

Yellow Crystal #4

The fourth crystal is on the building on East Spring road when you face North from the middle area.

Go to the shield after destroying the crystals, and wait for the dialogue to end.

Now, open the barrier to the South of the Temple leading to the Bazaar building.

Cross the West Spring road and enter the Bazaar building. This is where you will find the yellow fountain on the first floor.

You will find the glowing runestone on the ground floor of the Bazaar building. Interact with the runestone for the next easter egg objective.

Once the dialogue ends, Vercanna will open up a portal for you to travel to Dark Aether to do the Sacrifice objective.

You will also notice the shield floating in the middle of the map.

Zaballa the Deceiver, will spawn. Once she stops talking, the objective will start.

When Zaballa stops talking defend the Syphonecores from the red glowing zombies until the shield is charged.

You can keep track of the shield charge progress at the top left corner just below the mini-map.

Once the shield is charged, the objective will be complete, and you will be teleported back to the central hub.

When you're back, approach the shield, and it will come alive.

Wait for the dialogue to finish and the shield will fall to the ground, ready for you to equip it.

Step 2: Obtaining the Tome Page

The next step is to obtain the tome page, which can be obtained while doing the void objective. First, open up the Ravine Path leading to the Venomous Vigor (blue fountain) as instructed by Vercanna.

Take the path to the Debris Field, and you will find another glowing runestone on a rock in front of the blue perk fountain.

Interact with the runestone and Vercanna will open up a new portal with the void objective (round-based).

Before you go in, it is best to pack-a-punch your weapon, buy important perks, and armor if you haven't already. It is not that difficult, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

When you feel like you're ready, head through the portal to start the void objective. When you're through, you will be back in the Dark Aether. This time, you will notice a tome page floating in the middle of the map.

It is surrounded by four red beams going into it. These are the spell locks holding the page in place. Use the Decimator Shield's charged attack on the four spell locks around the map to free the tome page.

When you use the charged attack of the Decimator Shield, you must wait for 90 seconds for it to recharge. As you wait for the shield to recharge, you can kill some zombies. If you do not wish to progress through the rounds, leave a zombie or two, and run around until the shield is charged up.

The Decimator Shield will let you know once it is charged and ready to be used again.

Once you've done all four, the floating tome page will descend, and you can collect it.

Once collected, a green portal will open up, which you can use to return to the central hub.

When you're back, you will get plenty of high-tier loot, and your equipped weapon will also get a free pack-a-punch tier III upgrade.

And that completes the main easter egg quest on Terra Maledicta. Feel free to browse through more of our zombies content.

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