Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 roadmap revealed

Get your hands on top of the line armaments in Call of Duty: Vanguard during Season 3, launching later this week.

Season 3 in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone is upon us, kicking off on the 27th of April. The start of a new season always means a huge injection of new content, with this being no different, and Activision has a lot of huge plans for the game, as seen in the recently revealed roadmap for the upcoming operators, weapons, maps, events and more.

Vgd S Announcement

As always, there is a huge amount of new additions to be excited for covering multiple areas of the game, ensuring that players feel that the multiplayer experience is fresh and the battle pass worth buying - or unlocking, if you have earned enough Call of Duty points last season.


As integration with Warzone is still alive and well, a lot of content being added in Season 3 is shard between the two; however, there is also quite a bit that's going to be available only in one or the other. For this post, we'll be focusing on Vanguard.

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There's a lot going on with two themes running concurrently.

The overarching theme this season is Classified Arms, with a focus on experimental and clandestine weaponry that bring unexpected innovations to the battlefield. Running alongside this more grounded overarching theme is a crossover event that throws all realism to the wind and brings in legendary monsters Godzilla and King Kong to wreak havoc, and lend their appearance to various in-game cosmetics.

Weapons & Operators

New weapons coming in Season 3 include the M1916 marksman rifle and the Nikita AVT assault rifle dropping right at launch, with the H4 Blixen SMG and the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer melee weapon coming later on in the season as part of Battle Pass progression. Carrying the development studio's name, the Sledgehammer in particular seems to be an exciting addition to the current arsenal available.

Vgd S Announcement
Sledgehammer's sledgehammer.

New armament aren't the only additions to your loadout hitting the game with season 3, as the arms carrying them - plus the humans they're attached to - are also getting some fresh faces. A new selection of operators hailing from S.O.T.F. 008 are joining the battle, so get ready to grind out cosmetics for three new characters.

Mateo Hernandez, Florence Carter, and Kim Tae Young are part of this new task force, bringing piloting skills, gunnery experience and psychological warfare tactics to any match you play. Mateo joins the fray right out the door, with the other two newcomers waiting for later on in the season to drop in.


Joining Vanguard in season 3 are a pair of maps, each geared towards one of the season's big themes respectively. Mayhem is dropping first, with Sphere joining the lineup later on in the season.

Vgd S Announcement
Stomping grounds.

Mayhem is a microscale movie set where your operators will fight through a downsized cityscape as if they were giants stomping through a metropolis. Paired with the Godzilla and King Kong cosmetic items, this is the perfect stage for you to recreate your favorite monster movie moments. Designed with close quarter combat in mind, much of the movie set is destructible and the roof of the warehouse has been opened up to allow aerial Killstreaks to be used.

Later in the season players will be able to take the fight to Sphere, another smaller, close-quarter map set in a secret weapons research facility disguised as a mine. Fulfilling the "Classified Arms" half of the seasonal themes, this map has all sorts of experimental contraptions spread through its claustrophobic areas.


Zombies won't see a huge amount of focus in Season 3, but players can unlock the new weapons in this co-op mode as well, and bring over the new Operators. There will also be 20 new unique challenges to beat, pushing you further along your progression path towards a new Calling Card reward, and some previous Season 2 weapons will also be unlockable with new challenges.

Even though the undead horde mode is taking the backseat for now, Zombies fans need not worry - Treyarch has a lot of content cooking that will be ready to drop soon after the end of Classified Arms, so stay tuned for more info.


Vanguard is getting a brand new Field Upgrade - well, brand new to this game at least. The Trophy System, available to all players immediately without any unlocking or Battle Pass progress needed, will neutralize incoming grenades and other thrown ordinance within its radius before you suffer any adverse effects.

Vgd S Announcement
Grab new rewards for playing Ranked.

Vanguard is also kicking off a new Ranked Season in Multiplayer as the same time as the launch of Season 3, so the toughest PvP players should get ready for the competition to heat up once again. Weapon Blueprints, Camos and other rewards await the hardiest warriors.

Season 3 kicks off on the 27th of April, this Wednesday.

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