Call of Duty: Vanguard Reveal Event Details & Rewards (The Battle Of Verdansk)

Battle of Verdansk Event Featured

The Battle of Verdansk event will be available in the playlist until August 23, 2021.

On August 19, 2021, the highly anticipated and long-awaited Call of Duty: Vanguard was finally revealed via an in-game live event called the 'Battle of Verdansk' in Warzone. Much like the Black Ops Cold War reveal event, this event also concluded with a reveal trailer for the game. As was already known, Call of Duty: Vanguard is set in the World War II era.

Video Showcase

Event Details

Like the previous event, a new playlist update added a new limited-time game mode called 'Battle of Verdansk.' This is a player versus enemies (PvE) mode, which means friendly fire is disabled, and you, along with 149 other players on the map, need to work together to stop an armored train passing through Verdansk.

All the players drop near a tunnel where they set up an ambush by placing TNT explosives in this event.

A cutscene plays after the timer ends, showing the armored train starting up and coming towards the tunnel.

The armored train passes by the ambush point with all hell breaking loose.

The armored train has weak points highlighted with a red border in the game. Players need to destroy these weak points, which are essentially just turrets.

Once the turrets are destroyed, the car below the turrets becomes vulnerable and also gets highlighted in red. The car then needs to be destroyed as well.

The armored train is quite long, and there are multiple turrets and cars for all the players to destroy. As you damage the train, you also have the 'Total Squad Damage' at the bottom left corner of your screen, just below your health and armor bar.

This is the total damage that you and your teammates have done to the armored train altogether. The damage is only counted by shooting at the weak points (red highlighted points). Hitting the weak points with explosives such as RPG gives you more damage points.

The total squad damage is important in this event. Reaching certain damage milestones rewards you with different in-game items such as blueprints, stickers, vehicle skin, emblem, & a calling card.


There are two types of rewards you can get - Passive & Active. The active rewards are acquired by doing damage to the train. The damage milestone is total squad damage and not individual. You need to work with your teammates to maximize your damage and earn the rewards. The following are all the rewards you get as per the total squad damage.

Active Rewards

Republic Impaler (Epic Knife Blueprint)

30,000 Total Squad Damage

Dogfight (Epic Sticker)

45,000 Total Squad Damage

Timetable (Epic Watch)

60,000 Total Squad Damage

Clashing Sides (Legendary Animated Emblem)

75,000 Total Squad Damage

Siberian Strider (Epic Dirt Bike Skin)

100,000 Total Squad Damage

Warbound (Legendary Animated Calling Card)

135,000 Total Squad Damage

Passive Rewards

We've called the second category of rewards the passive rewards as you do not have to "actively" complete a certain objective or go out of your way to do an objective for these rewards. You simply need to play through the complete event, and you will get the following rewards. We've also mentioned what you will (passively) do that is going to reward you with the respective reward.

Call To Arms (Epic Emblem)

Play the 'Battle Of Verdansk' event. The name of the emblem is bugged and shows the same name as the 'Clashing Sides' animated emblem.

Dark Forest (Legendary RPD Blueprint)

Complete the 'Battle Of Verdansk' event

Little Shark (Epic Weapon Charm)

Signal at the Exfil site at the end of the 'Battle Of Verdansk' event


After destroying all the turrets and corresponding cars, players are tasked with destroying the final locomotive at the very front of the train.

A cutscene will play once that has been destroyed, showing numerous bomber planes flying in your direction.

The bomber planes will start bombing the place, and you will need to run to the exfil point.

When you reach the exfil site, you can signal for extraction by interacting with the radio.

Shortly after, you will be bombed and pass out, which will transition directly to the reveal trailer of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The trailer ends with the release date and pre-order information. Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to release on November 5, 2021.

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