Major Call of Duty: Vanguard leak outs box art, possible release date, more

A bunch of details about this year's Call of Duty have leaked from Black Ops Cold War game files ahead of the reveal.

Over half the year has passed without any news about the annual Call of Duty release. There have been a few leaks here and there, but none as major as this latest motherlode of information datamined straight from Black Ops Cold War's files. Here's everything we learned about Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Vanguard will be primarily revealed in-game, in Call of Duty: Warzone, the free to play battle royale mode that is a standalone title integrated with whatever the current main game is ever since the Modern Warfare reboot. The thing with in-game reveals is that from the moment all related assets are pre-loaded into the files, dataminers will find them.

That's what happened now, revealing various editions, a possible release date, beta plans and more.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard release date

Vanguard is definitely launching sometime later this year. Traditionally, Call of Duty games launch in November, and according to renowned and credible industry informant Tom Henderson - who has a history of correctly leaking and confirming details about various previous Call of Duty and Battlefield titles, among others - November 5 is the release date for Vanguard.

This November 5 release would quickly be followed by the launch of Season 1 on November 23, but players don't need to wait until the game's release to actually have a chance at playing Vanguard.

Datamined Vanguard assets are cropped and chopped up, since these will likely appear on banners and small ad spaces in-game.

Call of Duty: Vanguard beta plans

According to sources, multiple testing phases of Vanguard will directly involve the fanbase, with the first round of alpha tests happening in August. Between the 27th and 29th of this month the said alpha test will take place, followed by a PlayStation exclusive beta phase between the 10th and 12th of September and an open beta spanning the 16th and 20th of September.

When will Call of Duty: Vanguard be announced?

The official reveal is rumored to take place on the 19th of August, occurring in Warzone as a limited time live event.

What is the setting of Call of Duty: Vanguard?

According to leaked assets and details, Vanguard is once again taking us back to World War 2, the era of history that media just can't get enough of. This time around, the storyline will be set during the fall of the Nazi regime in Germany, and the immediate aftermath of the Third Reich's defeat. While locations from other theatres of war might appear, it seems that the main focus will be on the European fronts.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is rumored to focus on the immediate aftermath of the Allied victory over the Nazis.

Following the official defeat of the Nazis, stragglers still continued to fight and some elements of the Third Reich still believed that a comeback was possible. The main antagonists in Vanguard seem to be the Gestapo according to Henderson's leaks, with Heinrich Muller appearing as the big bad.

What editions will Call of Duty: Vanguard have?

So far we know about standard, cross-gen and Ultimate editions for Vanguard. The cross-gen bundle is pretty self explanatory by including the game for both PS4 and PS5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, depending on which manufacturer's machines you prefer.

The Ultimate Edition is the most interesting, and also the most mysterious - other than its existence, we know nothing about it or what it might contain beyond some XP boosts, early access to certain testing phases, and some in-game cosmetics.

What will Call of Duty: Vanguard’s gameplay be like?

Well, just how different can a Call of Duty game be, really?

Call of Duty: Vanguard will focus on Europe, but we'll probably visit other theatres of war, too.

Leaks at this point say nothing about gameplay, and datamined assets are all promotional in nature related to the upcoming in-game reveal of Vanguard. However, the one detail we do know is that the game allegedly uses a modified version of the Modern Warfare reboot's engine, not the engine used by Black Ops Cold War. This means Vanguard will likely feel more like Modern Warfare than other Call of Duty titles.

Will Call of Duty: Vanguard have Warzone integration?

We don't need to be leakers to know that the answer to this question is yes - but leaks have confirmed it too. Warzone continues to be a colossal success, so there is no reason to skip Vanguard integration. If anything the publicity boost of a new game launching will elevate Warzone to even greater heights of popularity and success.

Not only will the game be revealed with an in-game live event, Warzone will get its own World War 2 inspired map when Vanguard launches, just like how Rebirth Island was added for Black Ops Cold War. Verdansk was also nuked and dragged back to the 80's to bring the ties closer, and we suspect it will get another rework into a World War 2 battlefield - the region in which the fictional city is found saw plenty of fighting during the conflict.

We don't have to wait long before Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally fully revealed, so stay tuned for our coverage!

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