Call of Duty: Vanguard aimbot hacks pop up just as the beta starts

It didn't take long for cheaters to proliferate Call of Duty: Vanguard as Activision kicked off the game's beta testing period.

Cheaters have existed for as long as games have. Popular shooters like Call of Duty are especially vulnerable to this. Despite Activision's best efforts to combat what is a significant growing problem, cheat makers continuously find ways around their safeguards. However, you'd think that exploits wouldn't come to a Call of Duty game that hasn't even been released yet, but you'd be wrong.

It appears that Vanguard's already having issues with cheaters and hacks.

As it turns out, players have already found Call of Duty: Vanguard aimbot hacks during the game's beta period, which is more than disappointing.

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Will Activision's special anti-cheat system for Vanguard work?

Here's to hoping that Activision can solve Vanguard's growing issue with exploits.

Activision has promised that it's going to do something about making sure that Vanguard doesn't have as many cheaters when it launches later this year. But, it appears that Activision might want to do something about it now.

Cheaters have already started causing a problem in Vanguard and it's still in its multiplayer beta. What's even worse is that some beta players have posted footage online of the cheats in action.

How and why cheaters have penetrated Vanguard this early on is not the issue. Rather, it's what Activision does about it.

Vanguard has some serious competition later this year with Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite releasing just weeks after it launches on November 5. It needs to impress players if it wants to stand out against such a stacked field. So far, early comments about Vanguard have been negative with fans complaining about the poor player visibility, among other things.

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With cheaters now also causing an issue in Vanguard, we wouldn't be surprised if audiences flock to its competition in a bid to avoid these problems.

At the moment, Call of Duty: Warzone is dealing with a blatant cheating problem. Even if Vanguard's issues don't run as rampant as that in Warzone, such a dilemma doesn't paint Activision in a good light. It also doesn't help that Activision currently finds itself dealing with various legal issues. Activision will want to nip Vanguard's problem in the bud, or so to speak. Otherwise, it will get out of control.

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