Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Cheat Distributor Shut Down After Activision Lawsuit

Score one for the good guys, finally.

call of duty warzone cheat shut down

A prominent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone cheat maker and distributor has been shut down by Activision Blizzard's legal team via lawsuit. The publisher is taking more active steps against hackers, who have become a significant problem in Warzone since release. The lawsuit and subsequent shutdown was announced by the cheat creators in their Discord server.

CxCheats were one of the main cheat engine providers for Modern Warfare and Warzone, with their "services" being responsible for many a ruined game. Typical FPS hacks like aimbots and player trackers were on offer, giving the user a significant and unfair advantage over others. The hacking problem in Warzone is particularly pressing due to the battle royale mode being free to play, so the weight of an account ban is lessened.

This development comes after various attempts by Infinity Ward and Activision to curb cheating, including mandatory phone verification, however cheaters always found a way around these measures.

Hopefully, now that one of the main suppliers is out of the game, we'll be seeing fewer instances of hacks being used. At least until the notorious cheaters find other "service providers" or CxCheats starts things back up with a different name.

Unfortunately, it seems like only the Call of Duty cheats provided by CxCheats have been taken down, as they are still selling cheats for other titles like Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - at least EA and Krafton Inc. now know that they can get rid of these too if they simply aim their legal teams at the creators.

Cheating has been an issue in multiplayer games since the very beginning, but rarely in the past were AAA titles affected to the degree they are now. The proliferation of free to play models and crossplay means that cheating affects significantly more people than ever before, making it even more pressing a matter to resolve.

We hope this lawsuit will bring about lasting improvement on the Warzone scene.

Hassan Sajid

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