Box art confirms that Call of Duty is going narco for Modern Warfare 2

Looking closely at the box art for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveals that it reveals real-life locations linked to the drug cartels.

In case you missed it, Activision Blizzard just revealed the release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

It definitely looks like players will be chasing after the cartels in Modern Warfare II.

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Naturally, the news of the game's release on October 28 got fans buzzing. However, there's a certain subset of eagle-eyed Call of Duty players that are keeping themselves busy trying to decipher the hidden "message" on the box art for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. If you look closely, you can see that there's more to the images than meets the eyes.

If you take a close look at all five photos of each individual member of Task Force 141, you can see the outline of a map. Specifically, of various places located throughout Central and South America.

As outlined by u/Edenium-M1 on Reddit, the map on Ghost and Alejandro are of the same area, it's just that the latter is a bit further south. Fans are still trying to work out the details of the others, but the prevailing theory is that the outlines on Soap, Gaz, and Price, all map out different corners of South America. This makes a lot of sense considering that the main plot of MWII will involve fighting against the cartels.

Considering that it's a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare, it'll be interesting to see how MWII will depict how the drug cartels have evolved since the whole thing started in the 80s.

Hopefully, we'll find out more about the setting of Modern Warfare II soon.

As per another teaser from the release date reveals trailer, Activision might drop more info on June 8, 2023. This lines up with the schedules for the upcoming Summer Game Fest on June 9 and the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on June 12. Just to be safe, you will want to make sure to circle your calendars for that particular week so you don't miss out on any big Call of Duty announcements.

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