Call of Duty: Cold War Dragon Relic and Firebase Z Guide

There are a lot of Easter eggs across all of Call of Duty games, and many are wondering if there is an easter egg on Call of Duty: Cold War Outbreak mode and the answer is yes, there is. The Easter Egg, called Dragon Relic, in the Outbreak mode of Cold War has a simpler process compared to other easter eggs. Aside from the Dragon Relic, we will also talk about the other Easter Eggs you can complete in Cold War in this guide. Be aware that there will be minor spoilers about the game if you haven't finished it yet.

Dragon Relic Easter Egg

Activating the Dragon Relic will spawn zombies. 

Getting the Dragon Relic Easter Egg is easy, follow the steps below to complete the Easter Egg in the Outbreak mode of Cold War.

  1. Enter Outbreak mode in the Cold war.
  2. As soon as the game starts, take out your map.
  3. You will find a Dragon-like symbol on the map.
  4. Remember the location and head over to it, you will find a machine there.
  5. The machine needs 500 points to activate.
  6. A purple ring will appear and you would need to defeat the zombies coming in.
  7. Keep on killing the zombies until the canisters are full.
  8. Afterward, the Dragon Relic will take off to the portal and leave behind a loot box.

Keep in mind that this is not the main easter egg for the Outbreak mode and there will be another easter egg added when Season 3 Starts.

Firebase Zombies Z Easter Egg

Another easter egg in Call of Duty Cold War is the Firebase Z Zombies easter egg. Below are the steps you need to follow to complete the Firebase Easter egg.

Activating Pack-a-Punch

Charge the Reactors to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine. 
  • Enter the teleporter by unlocking the door opposite the courtyard using 1250 points.
  • The Omega Base will have three Aether reactors that you need to activate using 500 points and zombies will spawn. You need to kill the zombies to charge the reactor to full.
  • The first reactor can be found by opening the gate to the Motor Pool Office and entering the Military Command.
  • The second reactor can be found by opening the gate to the Open Lot and going to the Mission Control.
  • The third reactor can be found by opening the gate to the Barracks and entering the Data Center.
  • After activating all reactors, power will be restored and you can now use the Pack-a-punch machine.

Gas Dispersal Requirements

The ID Badge is necessary to unlock the lockers.

The next step is to wait for a call from Dr.Peck. After the call, you can go to the mission control and use the intercom to speak to Dr.Peck. You will have to go back to Ravenov to get an ID Badge. The ID Badge is necessary to unlock three lockers that will contain the serum. Below is the location of the lockers.

  • Enter the first floor from the courtyard and you will find the first locker by the wall.
  • The second locker is by the Colonel's Office.
  • The third locker is outside Mission Control.

After getting the serum, go to the Hospital and go to the Chemical Mixer to mix the compounds. It will spawn hellhounds and defeating them will let you pick the Agent Delivery System by the Chemical Mixer. Go up to the OPC and place the materials you collected on the Air Conditioner.

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Mimic Essence

You will need to collect Mimic Essence and insert it into the Memory Transference station.

Go back to Dr.Peck once again. A cutscene will start and afterward, you can go to the Data Center to look for the Rocky Defense Area. You can interact with the Memory Transference Station and get the Essence Trap which you can equip. You can capture Mimic's essence using the trap. However, the mimics will work with the trap if the health of the mimic is not low enough or if it is an incorrect mimic.

Go back to the Station and insert the trap on the machine. You will need to collect three mimic essences and insert them into the machine. After completing the three mimic essences, a floppy disk will appear from the station. Get the floppy disk and go to the Planning Offices.


Go back to Dr. Peck after the Dialogue in the OPC. 

When you are in the Planning office, you will find a computer in the room. You can insert the floppy disk here and it will open the door to the OPC. Go inside and dialogue will play, go back to mission control and speak to Dr. Peck.

Collecting Aether Containers

Use the code to unlock the locker by Dr.Peck's window.

After the dialogue, Ravenov will give you a code. Use this code on the locker left of Dr.Peck's window. Opening the locker will give you the Aethermeter. Go to the Scorched Defense area and enter the left bunker. Use the shovel in the area to collect the three aether containers in these locations:

  • Corner of the Open Lot, by the Engineering building window. The correct container does not have black smoke on it.
  • The end of the Jungle Defense Path, on the edge of the map. Getting the container will trigger a defense phase.
  • Right of the Field Hospital, by the stairs leading to the Data Center. Keep your distance or the container will move. Place the container on the Data Center Aether Reactor.

Place all the Aether containers on the Aether Reactors and go back to the OPC to trigger a cutscene.

Alligning the Sattelite

You need to align the satellite to solve the puzzle.

After the cutscene, you have to wait for a call. After the call dialogue, head to the Planning Office and interact with the computer on the wall. Move the white dot on the glowing yellow dots to complete the satellite puzzle. Interact with the dot that has a question mark to align the satellite. Before going back to the OPC, prepare for a final boss battle. Once you are ready, go back to the OPC and a cutscene will trigger.

Defeating the boss

After completing the Satellite puzzle, Orda will spawn.

After the cutscene, Orda will spawn. The moves of this boss are similar to the boss on wave 30. To defeat Orda, you have to continuously move around the map and handle the crowd of incoming zombies. This boss has a one-hit move and you can evade this when he raises his hand to attack.

Aim for the red glowing holes whenever he attacks. You can also climb to the elevated areas of the Courtyard to avoid the incoming zombies and focus on attacking the boss. A cutscene will trigger once you defeated Orda, signaling that you finished the Firebase Z Zombies easter egg.

A cutscene will trigger after defeating Orda.
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