Call of Duty: Warzone new bug rewards Gulag winners with death

Instant death after victory eliminates a second chance for players.

The Gulag has never been an easy place. But at least you could guarantee your own survival if you overcame this deadly arena. Lately though, even winners are being stripped of their rights and face death sooner than expected.

Warzone Gulag Bug instakill players
Why endure swearing, spits, and a deatchmatch if you are just gonna die anyway?

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone are reporting a new bug in the battle royale. According to posts on Reddit, an issue has been causing frustration for Gulag winners, who cannot return to the main scenario even after securing their second chances.

Check out the clip below to understand the situation.

New instant death bug after Gulag win?! from CODWarzone

The glitch occurs randomly after the Gulag battle. Winners, who should respawn on the map, are instantly killed. They can only watch as their experience builds up and their dreams of victory are snatched away.

This instakill bug started to occur soon after the one that, after a victory in the Gulag, booted players to the sky above the ocean. That is, far outside the coverage range of the combat zone. Naturally, this eliminates them from the match within a few seconds. DumbApe026 kindly demonstrates it for you:

When warzone decides you’ve played enough from CODWarzone

In the past, the battle royale had other bug problems with players spawning in the gassed zone. Then it progressed to popping up off the map and giving them seconds of survival. Now, players don't even have that glimpse of life anymore. It's assured death. Legend has it that the next stage of the bug will uninstall your Call of Duty: Warzone. The game's poor performance is taking its toll.

For now, the winners of the dispute should just hope that their judges will be lenient towards their sentence. Raven Software has not yet taken a position on a possible fix for the bug. With Warzone season 3 coming, players can only hope the game will be fixed before their enthusiasm breaks. Or maybe Infinity Ward is focusing all its attention on the upcoming Warzone 2 and letting the first one bleeding dry.

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