You can now buy The Boys' Compound V in real life

G Fuel recently launched a line of flavors inspired by The Boys' experimental super serums.

The Boys' meta advertising continues to surprise us. In addition to the eerily realistic Vought News Network episodes on the Vought International YouTube channel, the satirical comic book TV show has secured a cheeky collaboration with GFuel.


According to Sony, The Boys' Compound V is now available for anyone buy in real life.

Before you go ahead and think that it will give you powers - GFuel's Compound V is a flavor. It's available both as an energy drink and as a powder. Both Homelander and Starlight are on the poster of the real-life Compound V.

Since this is The Boys we're talking about, the designers went above and beyond. GFuel's Compound V looks like it's a legitimate drink created by the show's overarching villainous corporation, Vought Industries. Coincidentally, The Boys season 3 saw Vought and A-Train work together on his own energy drink, Turbo Rush.

At the very least, Temp V and Compound V should help tide fans over while they wait for the next season of The Boys.

Buy The Boys Compound V Real Life
The next season of The Boys is expected to arrive in late 2023.

After Season 3 concluded earlier this year, fans have been desperate to know more about Season 4. The good news is that the wait probably won't be as long as the one between the last two seasons. We know that Season 4 of The Boys started filming earlier this month and we've even got a premiere title to boot.

Plus, Eric Kripke has brought in Supernatural alumni again in Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a mystery role for Season 4. With Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy still expected to appear in future seasons, it'll be interesting to see the former fictional father-and-son duo reunite on the small screen.

Until then, we're looking forward to more meta ads from Vought International Sony as well as Amazon Prime Video.

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