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You can now buy Marvel's Avengers for next to nothing on Steam

Don't worry, you'll still be able to play Marvel's Avengers' campaign well after September 30, so it's not like you're throwing away $4 for nothing.

Marvel's Avengers remains one of the greatest "What ifs" in gaming in recent history.

Just in case you missed it, Marvel's Avengers is going offline. 

As of September 30, the much-criticized superhero game will no longer have any access to its online features and post-launch support, among others. Nevertheless, those who already possess the game will continue to have access to its single-player campaign and its extensions.

To dispel any misconceptions, even after September ends, players who click on their Avengers icon will still be able to access the game. This is a golden opportunity for those who previously sidestepped the game due to the widespread debate around it. Now, with a fully developed storyline and no future expansions anticipated, it's an opportune time to grab a copy. Notably, most copies, whether it's on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC (via Steam) are available at a steep discount - as much as 90%! This drop in price is, in large part, due to the imminent delisting of the game and the anticipated restriction in features post-September 30.

You can see that there was enough in Marvel's Avengers to be a solid if not great single-player game.

Contrary to the mostly negative commentary that surrounded Avengers during its three-year existence, the content one gets for this price is genuinely worthwhile. The main story is captivating, and the inclusion of characters via DLCs, such as Spider-Man (at least, on the PlayStation), has enhanced the game's appeal. However, there's an underlying sentiment that the single-player campaign and features should have been the game's primary focus.

Superhero games like Insomniac Games Marvel's Spider-Man, Rocksteady Studios' Arkham trilogy, and Eidos Montreal's Guardians of the Galaxy serve as prime examples of how single-player campaigns are the optimal approach for these types of titles. This focus contrasts with the industry's current trend of infusing a live service touch to every conceivable product.

There exists an alternate timeline where Marvel's Avengers was designed purely as a single-player game with multiple post-launch expansions planned. Maybe, just maybe, it would've done a lot better. If this happened, Square Enix likely wouldn't have thought Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was a disappointment.

Here's to hoping that the next developer to attempt a similar ensemble superhero game learns from Marvel's Avengers.

Alas, this isn't the case. The reality is that Marvel's Avengers will no longer be available for sale in digital format after it launches on September 30. While the physical retail version might still be available in select stores, the digital version will not be accessible post the mentioned date. 

Crystal Dynamics' announcement earlier this year detailed its plan to halt new content by the end of March, ending the official game support by September 30. Despite these changes, the developer assures that gameplay, both its solo and multiplayer features, will persist for existing owners. Players can even redownload it if they've purchased it on Steam or any other platform for that matter. Additionally, all game operations, including the War for Wakanda expansion, will remain playable.

While the game's approach towards a live-service model and its profusion of loot didn't quite capture audiences as well as expected, Marvel's Avengers still boasts an engaging story that revolves around Kamala Khan and her lineage. For gaming groups seeking novel experiences, it remains a solid choice.

Marvel's Avengers is well worth the money at just $4.

The overarching sentiment is that the game's overall monetization strategies overshadowed the game's actual content, leading to its polarizing reception.

For those on the fence, now is an ideal time to invest before Marvel's Avengers gets delisted.

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